Saturday, November 22, 2014

Empires And Generals Strange Ads

Listening to Rage against the Machine, hoping to make some more cards tonight, instead, this happened.

Trump Icon

New Trump Icon...

About time right?

The Gujarati language is very pretty.

I decided to model my icon for TRUMP after their language.

It actually says: "Trump" in Gujarati.

Pretty cool.

Hope you like it.

Weasel Tail

Introducing the Blackfoot. 

This is Weasel Tail.

Cost: Three Horse.
Category: Blackfoot Band Leader
*Leadership Icon denotes that he is treated as a General would be treated*
Sub-Category: Piegan

Strange Icon in the upper right corner?

That's the new Trump Icon.

Black Europe

During the Umayyad rule, around 15% of Europe (Under the seven continent theory) was governed by the rule of Sub-Sahara African and Berber peoples.

At it's height, it was almost all of Iberia.

Take that history teachers.

Things most precious