Sunday, January 1, 2017

history movie review: the great wall

history movie review: the great wall

historical accuracy: 75%
minus antagonist army 90%

'the great wall' movie (2017) with damon and dafoe is a pretty good tale. i would give it an A+ for a "good tale". set your expectations on "hey, i'm gonna watch a pretty good tale" and you won't be disappointed. set your expectations on "i wonder what rotten tomatoes says" and you're going to be a poopy time.

historical drawbacks -

the chinese not knowing about lodestones
hot air balloon travel
bungee spear fighting

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Epoch of Man: Equipment - 1

Epoch of Man is a worldwide expansion. If it can be used in any epoch, any period, I will put it here. Antiquity Unaffiliated was getting a little crowded. More to come on this later.

Though not specifically chattel slaves, these vassals of your Kingdom will serve you well. Though not Units or Soldiers themselves, they are used with any other Unit to help that Unit. When the Unit is discarded, it loses all of it's equipment. Basically, wherever the Soldier or General goes, that equipment goes with him, even when captured.

Remember, Equipment is "Attached" during Army Phase. It can be unattached during army phase as well and discarded.