Thursday, July 24, 2014

Unaffiliated Prison Cards

Rather than just having one prison holding one person, I thought it would be interesting to introduce many types of prisons. Used as a Capitol Card.

Capitol Card Tweaks

Finally the Capitol card makes sense being in it's own division.

Remember: You may only have one Capitol card in play at once, and they are stacked in your Supply Pile.

I am going thru and updating all that I find. Let me know if I miss any.

I have left Greece and Unaffiliated reference numbers the same as their old numbers so there is no confusion although they still indicate that they are resources, it will still be playable as your old card.

Here's a new one for you as well. He should stop those pesky rodents.

Just don't shake the guys hand.



Arctodus Teaser for Gencon 2014

I might reword this and say something about running away (discarding) if he ties or something. Oh, snap. I also need to add that he can only be played in antiquity. Got to go to work! I'm running late! Trying to find a great Dire Wolf without all that Game of Thrones crap.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Egyptian Empire Tactics Cards

I realize this is probably LOOOOONG overdue. Enjoy!

July 2014 Card Fixes

Fixing a couple of quick things.

Clarified encamp rules. Changed size of Unit when encamped in a Naval Soldier. Added Athens subtitle.

Made Uncommon.
made it clear about the capitol card exchange

made it clear about the capitol card exchange