Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kung Fury Cards Update 10: Mounts

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kung Fury Cards Unit List

Here is the list of cards created so far. There will be more to come, but I will be working on Kingdom, Tactics, Strategy, Equipment and Mounts next. I believe I'm somewhere around halfway done.


Thor            x
Kung Fury x
Chief x
David Hasslehoff x

Hitler x
Red Ninja          x
Space Unicorn Arcade Game x
Lazor Invader Arcade Game x


Barbarianna x
Hackerman x
Katana x
Triceracop x
Dragon x
Tyranasaur x
Cobra x
Fallout Barbarianna x
Street cop         x
Fat Cop x
Radio cop         x

Nazi Phoenix x
Laser Raptor x
2 Laser Raptors x
3 Laser Raptors x
Epic Laser Raptor x
Nazi Kung Fu Legs x
Nazi Robotologist x
Nazi Scientist x
Nazi Kung Fu Chick x
Colonel Reichstache x
Private Lahmstache x
Nazi Flamethrower x

Street Thug x
Arcade Dudes x
Bombox Dude x
Epic Jet Ski Cobras x
Boombox Girl x
Guy with Telephone x
Hockey Gang x


Hackerbot Alpha x
Hackerbot Beta x
Kung Fuhr x

Kung Fury Cards Update 10: Gangs


#KungFury, #Kungfurycards, Fury, Kung, Kung Fury, Kung Fury Card, KungFury

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kung Fury Cards Update 9

and I had to fix him a little...

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trump and Card Importance Update

Three items have been clarified in the Glossary HERE.

I hope this answers any questions that you may have had.

Act of God Card - A Type of Card that changes the game play in one or more specific areas of the map due to a local or worldwide calamity. When an Act of God Card is drawn it is played immediately, all regular play ceases and the resolution of the Act of God Card is finished. No Tactics cards may be played during an Act of God Card resolution. Once the resolution of the Act of God card is finished, play continues on as normal. This is the highest Trump Card in the game, trumping even the "Trump" Cards with Trump Icons on them. Nothing beats this card. Ever.

Action - An explanation of what the effect or ability will do. Typically found on Tactics Cards, "Actions" happen instantly and the last action played trumps an action before it. There are several instances where one action will be played only to have another action trump it. This is normal. Obey the last card played.

Trump - After playing a card, often another card is played on top of it, negating the effect or ability of the first card. This is called "Trumping" and is often confusing for the new card player. When something is Trumped, the last card played (the one on top) is active and the activities of the last card are not used. When something "Can not be trumped" then that cards effect or ability goes on no matter what any other cards say. The card that "can not be trumped" has the dominant authority in the final outcome of the turn resolution. Strangely enough, "Trump" cards can be trumped by Act of God cards.