Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ancient Greece Tactics Fixes

Worked out some bugs in the Ancient Greece Tactics Cards - 

Tactics "Actions" has replaced Effects and Abilities. Because... DUH... They're Tactics Cards! Sorry for the gross oversight.

Periplous Maneuver text has been changed drastically to reflect actual Naval Soldier scenarios.

Diekplous Maeneuver text has been changed somewhat.

Added "Trump" to Ostracism. When this card is played, no matter what the General is doing (Mummy or otherwise) it is now gone.

Tactics Icon has been changed to blue to reflect the new color. This will help you figure out which cards are new and which are old.

The Phalanx is now three separate cards, you may have 15 in your deck. EGEEAGT3 is now the invalid Phalanx numbered card. They are EGEEAGT3a, EGEEAGT3b, and EGEEAGT3c. If you still use EGEEAGT3, you have an uber rare file/card now but your if your opponents object, then it is invalid for play in that game.

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