Saturday, February 28, 2015

last day of february 2015

good news and bad news -

good news -

the game empires and generals: conquest is coming along nicely. here is a video of our first alpha test. we are having another one tonight.

the game is getting smoother and smoother so all will be nice in the end.

we will publish the game soon hopefully.

bad news -

due to unforeseen property taxes, we will not be able to afford to go to gencon with the game this year. that sucks, but that's life. see you in 2016.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

printing cards for e&g conquest tonight

printed all the objective cards for empires and generals: conquest tonight. 140 of 'em. a lot of repeats on the smaller goals but one of each for each of the huge point goals. like 50 to 100 points on the big ones. some of the smaller ones are only worth 5. the point of the game is NOT to destroy your opponent, like risk or monopoly, but rather strategically maneuver yourself into a group of objectives that you can pull off before your opponents know what happened to them! be careful though! you could "go out" with your goal cards and others score higher than you. speedy is not always the winner!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


empires and generals conquest is my every waking creative hour. working hard on getting ready for my fist alpha test. when it happens, i will be filming some of it, and will put a video of it online.

some of what i am doing -

shuffling mercenary advisors into roles where they can not only benefit the general mat but make it feasible for the exchange to be beneficial should there be an unexpected event card arise that would make it a "buyers remorse" for the person that purchased the advisor with persuasion or with the exchange to begin with.


you have no idea what all that means, but i do and it makes sense...

so i gotta get back to work.

love me some mercenary advisors.