Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kingdom of Axum Resources

Because of the inherent value of the Axum coinage, it does not need any resource trader when you want to use it for food or stone or whatever. Also, it is valued at 1:1 when buying Kingdom of Axum (at this point I haven't made any, sorry) but, it is valued at 1:1/2 of any other Empire. So, in effect, the Ezana Gold card is worth 1 of any resource and the Ge'ez Silver is worth 1/2 of any resource. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

United Kingdom of England and Ireland Generals

I redid Joseph Lister to match the actual name of the country instead of "Kingdom of England." (The name for the country from 1801-1922 is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, but it's so dang long!) The Empires and Generals "New World Wars" runs from 1750-1910, so for the game's sake, anyone from this time period will be listed as "Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland."