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Forget Milk and Cookies. He's out for Chocolate.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Regions of the world

Below are some maps that I have come across that plan out the world map in categories of region. The first one I feel most comfortable with, (in the creation of a generalized map) for game purposes. Below are some others that I found that I may go with as well. I found twelve regions sufficient for E and G.

I don't want to leave anyone out, yet I don't want the game to experience user fatigue from TMI (too much information) syndrome. If you have problems or concerns, please feel free to address it in the comments below.

I fiddled with this one, just a rough coloring job, to round things out...

and then, this next one was my second favorite but i didn't want to include that much detail in europe

and these next three were... ok... but really didn't cut the mustard.

Resource Reference Card

Merry Christmas 2013!

I made this (hopefully) up-to-date Resource List that will obviously need tweaking as time goes on.

But enjoy it for now.

It's fitted to 3x5 but you could do it on a 5x7 or an 8 1/2 by 11


-pauly hart

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Laughing in the face of history - Flexible Glass

Flexible glass is a legendary lost invention from the time of the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar.

As recounted by Isidore of Seville, the craftsman who invented the technique brought a drinking bowl made of flexible glass before Caesar who threw it to the floor.

The material dented, rather than shattering.

The inventor then repaired the bowl easily with a small hammer.

After the inventor swore to the Emperor that he alone knew the technique of manufacture...

Tiberius had the man beheaded.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Live vs. Health

There has been a little confusion regarding this.

LIFE is something that is inherent to every UNIT.

HEALTH (or Cultural Health) is something that is inherent to every PLAYER.

Some cards read a contrary reading, calling something life where it was health.

I hope to fix all cards like this so there is no confusion.

Let me know what other cards I can fix please.

Again, In Empires and Generals... People have health, Cards have Life.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Billy the Kid

Exploration and Conquest of the New World to 1600 AD.

[this is a work in progress]

Pre-history - Beringia Theory puts African, Asian and Arabian Peninsula Travelers in the New World 4000+ years ago.

1000 - Leif Ericson discovers his brother, and also Thorfinn Karlsefni at L'Anse aux Meadows discover Vinland (New England).

1313 - Abu Bakr II of Mali in Africa may have made a voyage to the New World.
1398 - The Venetian Zeno Brothers and a Prince, "Zichmni" possibly reached America.

1432 - Portuguese navigators discovered the Azores
1445 - Dinis Dias sails the west coast of Africa
1456 - Cape Verde islands are explored by Portuguese
1470 - Portuguese begin African exploration
1488 - Bartholomeu Dias of Portugal sails from the Iberian Peninsula to the south of Africa.
1492 - October 12. Columbus discovers the New World.
1493 - First war between Americans (Carib) and Europeans (Christopher Columbus) fought at Salt River Bay, St. Croix. Christopher Columbus retreats back to his ships after losing.
1497 - John Cabot lands in Newfoundland, beginning the British colonial presence in North America.
1498 - Columbus on third voyage discovers South America.
1499 :Alonzo de Ojeda explores Columbia and Venezuela

1500 - Vicente Pinzon and Juan Dias de Solis discover Brazil
1501 - Amerigo Vespucci explores the coast of South America
1500 - Rodrigo de Bastidas and Juan de la Cosa discover Panama
1506 - Columbus dies at Valladolid.
1507 - New World named after Americus Vespucius.
1508 - Juan Dias de Solis explores Argentina
1513 - Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean and Ponce de Leon discovers Florida.
1516 - Juan Dias de Solis explores Uruguay
1519 - Alonso Álvarez de Pineda sails from Florida to Mexico, mapping the gulf coast along the way.
1519 -1521. Cortez conquers Mexico.
1519 -1522 Magellan sails round the world.
1523 - Pánfilo de Narváez became governor of Florida but died after dealing with a Hurricane, Attacks by Americans, and Disease.
1524 - Verrazano and Gomez explore New England coast.
1528 - Panfilo de Narvaez conquers Cuba and explores Florida,
1528 - Alvar Cabeza de Vaca explores Texas, Arizona and New Mexico
1531 - Francisco Pizarro explores Peru
1532 - Francisco Pizarro invades and loots the Incan Empire
1533 - Pizarro conquers Peru.
1534 - Cartier sails up the St. Lawrence to Quebec and Montreal.
1534 - Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, explores from the Sabine River to the Gulf of California.
1540 - Francisco Vázquez de Coronado explores south-western North America,
1540 - Discovery of the Grand Canyon by Garcia Lopez de Cardenas,
1540 - Francisco de Orellana explores Amazon River
1541 - Francisco Vásquez de Coronado explores Kansas
1542 - Hernando de Soto discovers the Mississippi River,
1559 - Tristan de Luna explores North America
1562 - John Hawkins sails to Africa
1563 - Francisco de Ibarra explores New Mexico
1565 - Admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés founds St. Augustine, Florida the first Spanish settlement in the New World, and is the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the continental United States.
1576 Sir Martin Frobisher explores Baffin Bay and the Hudson Strait
1577 Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the world - December 13 1577 to September 26 1580
1579. Drake explores coast of California.
1584. Sir Walter Raleigh sends first expedition to America.
1585 Sir Walter Raleigh establishes the Roanoke colony
1588. Defeat of the Spanish Armada.
1593 Sir Richard Hawkins travels to the South Pacific
1595 Sir Walter Raleigh seeks golden city of El Dorado in South America, Cornelis de Houtman discovers Sea Route to Indonesia
1598 Juan de Archuleta explores Colorado

United States Geo-political ancestry map

There are a zillion things interesting about this census. You can spend around twenty minutes getting some pretty interesting insight yourself.

Here are some of the things that I found that blew me away:

1) I thought we conquered Germany in two wars already?
2) Africans never moved far from the south once the civil war was won.
3) There appears to be a pervasive invasion from Mexico.
4) There seems to be a "buffer zone" of "Americans" (Whatever they might be) between Africans and Germans.
5) There really aren't that many Brittish folk left over.
6) There are even less French.
7) Now I know why most of my friends in Oklahoma were First Nations!
8) The "Viking Settlements" theory of North Dakota seems to be solved.
9) Puerto Rico is full of Puerto Ricans!
10) Again, what the heck is an "American" in racial context if you are not "American Indian" (First Nation)?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fixing maps

still fiddling with

on the right side...

moved the USA colonialists over to the age of discovery and am going to have the USA on its own standing in the new world expansion.

i plan to have most of the regions colonized around the world represented but this epoch in history is a cluster-mess and i haven't even gotten started on south east asia and australia... not to mention africa or india... sheesh.

a lot to do on it.

never fear, plenty of time.

i will probably develop a good working "old west" before any real work is done on... lets say: the development of djakarta by the dutch... it's just a little more fun to think about doc holiday and butch cassidy than it is... um... someone dutch in djakarta.

on the left side...

many of you know that i lost ten years worth of notes when james venters stole my car and sold it for crack cocaine in 2003. i have recently begun digging into my subconscious thru prayer and meditation and re-compiling much of what was lost.

BESIDES my new book: by the gates of the garden of eden, i am still planning on releasing an S.F. game of empires and generals that is completely my own work.

more of that to come later...

in the real world...

i need more time in my day.

i plan on changing my work schedule to reflect as soon as:

a) i move into my new house
b) the holidays are over
c) both

have a great Christ-mass. i may get some stuff done this week yet.

Monday, November 25, 2013

the problem of growth

so, i'm sitting here with billy the kid almost done... wondering what "country" to give him. and that got me researching.


the formation of the decks is the "empires and generals: age of revolution" (1750-1873) [which basically covers the first and second industrial revolution and comes to an abrupt stop with the invention of the first automobile] is coming along.

one of the issues that i am facing in the creation is the overlap of natives to invaders to the countries created by these invaders... especially specifically in north america.

north america... for those of you who missed it... just to give an elementary recap here is what happened:
asians walked over from kamchatka, settled down, had fun for a couple of thousand years, white people moved in and either killed them or raped them, stole their land, and told them basically to fuck off.


i already have many of the factors in this debacle worked out. apache, blackfoot... etc... and that's fine. the continents of north and south are covered from 6000 bc up until the beginnings of the spread of the pale-face and now i am working out the invaders and their children and have five basic categories:

The Invaders:

Kingdom of England
French Republic
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Portugal

New Worlders:

Viceroyalty of New Spain
Colony of Louisiana
United States of America
Ruperts Land

The Fighters:

Republic of Texas
Confederate States of America

Wild West:

The Pioneers
Cowboys and Outlaws
Western Lawmen

The Americas Expansion:

Unaffiliated America

And it's coming along like that. there may be some changes, but it's ok for now.

But what about the State of Franklin?
Colony of Transylvania?
Jefferson Territory?

It's a work in progress. Who knows? If you have any thoughts on it, you should totally write me at hopefully i will finish billy tomorrow and file him under "cowboys and outlaws".

Here is a cool .gif of Spain!
(from HERE)


Troubled Transition

Nice Stall against your opponent.
It's a common card, so you can have five in your deck.
This will infuriate your rushers.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hiawatha Wampum Belt

I thought I would make a cool idea about a dude standing out in the Battlefield just causing people to rethink their attack by talking them out of it... So this is a card fueled by a mechanical game need.

Hiawatha was a pretty famous dude who really got the tribes together and caused some pretty good things.

Here is the first card dedicated to his legacy.

The card costs two Wampum to play, but, there's always the Silver Trade.

Heck. Who has two Wampum laying around anyway?

One thing to note on the card: It says "Attacked" not "Counter-Attacked"...
So your card can still attack others without the immediate double block resolution.

18th of Nov, two o 13 - kings purse, disctrict of babylon

doing some categorizing with my cards before i bang out the remainder of the greece and the persia. maurya and carthage are almost fully built as well... ideawise... just making the last minute tweeks on the mechanics of card operations.

i will be sending out the thanksgiving newsletter here pretty soon and it will include a couple of persia cards.

if you are not on the email list, you SHOULD BE.

just send an email to: with "Subscribe" as the subject and i will add you to the list.

if you want to wait, that's fine, i usually release the newsletter cards around a month or so after i send the next newsletter.

naval... going to get more and more fun when persia and carthage release their ships into the water.

elephants - both carthage and maurya had em... and i know you all want em.

Here's a free Persia Card for you (two variations depending on your printer).

Note - The Persian Resource is called a "Daric" and is traded pretty equally with Coin. At this point, you would need a trader handy to make sure you could get 12 Daric up and going, but it shouldn't be a problem with the cards that I have released so far.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hot Flatbread

Pita, Tortilla, Bhakri, Frybread, Matza... Call it what you will.

It's always delicious and you usually eat too much...

And the Soldiers can never get enough.

Ancient Greece Soldiers (2 of 2) Athens Naval

Introducing the Ancient Greece Soldier, Athens Subgroup, Naval Subgroup

You have probably been here long enough to figure out what the "Athens" part stands for, but just in case you are new around here... The Athens part is a subgroup of a card. If you come across another card that does damage to "Athens Soldiers" then this would be damaging the three cards below it, but not Neodamode... Since he is a "Sparta Soldier"...

But on to the biggest Change:

I have changed the Glossary to reflect the full realization of the new card subgroup:


The glossary now reads:

Naval - A Subgroup of Soldier Card. Naval Cards are played to the right of the regular Warcamp and Battlefield. Naval Units may not be attacked unless it is by another Naval Unit or Ranged. The Areas to the right of the Battlefield when Naval Units are in Play are called the Dock and the Sea. 

***Note on Ranged Attacks and Naval Soldiers***

The Non-Naval Ranged Unit must be in the Battlefield to Range Attack Naval Units At Sea. The Ranged Naval Unit may only Ranged Attack the Battlefield.

***Note on Encampment (Encamping)***

When your Naval Unit is at Sea, it may not be encamped, unless you have another Naval Unit in the Sea with Soldiers in it, and they are allowed to move ships (Encamp from one Naval Soldier to another).

***Note on Connectivity***

The Battlefield connects to your Warcamp. Your Warcamp connects to your Dock, and often is treated as the same area. Your Dock connects to your "Sea". Your Battlefield DOES NOT connect to the Sea. When a Naval Card is in the "Battlefield" it is considered "In the Sea" or "At Sea". When a Naval Card is in the "Warcamp" it is considered "Docked" and may be "Encamped" by Soldiers. 

also added is:

Dock - The Dock is the Warcamp for Naval Units. When Naval Cards are in play by you, The area to the right of the Warcamp becomes the Dock. Units here are treated as freshly built Units (if ships), that are played from the Hand to the Dock before setting off to Sea.

The Sea definition remains unchanged:

Sea - Sea is a type of the Battlefield. Units in the Sea cannot usually go into the Battlefield with all the other cards. If a unit with Sea attacks another Units with Sea, they are considered in a "Sea" Battlefield by themselves. If a Unit from Battlefield attacks another unit with Sea or vise versa, these are to be treated as ranged attacks.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Needing Beta Testers!

Come on people! SPREAD SOME LOVE! First 10 who register and play on Empires & Generals get 'Pioneer' status! Share the page with your friends!

friday the fifteenth of november twenty thirteen

What is going on with the new software Pauly?

This is taken from the MCqTools Page:

"This is a game. An online, interactive game based on Empires & Generals. It will be using all the packages of cards he has made, plus hosting my to get it going. There is a certain way that commands are being issued which are going to work pretty well. This will in itself be a reference utility of sorts, but our main focus is on the online interaction between our users and the quality of the application."

Visit the Page to find out more information

Beg to be a Beta Tester

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facebook page insane fact

100 likes this morning on this rare historical day at 8:09:10 on 11/12/13...

the last of the sequentials for the rest of the thousand years.

it's pretty cool...

you should do something wonderful for the rest of the day too, to remember this day. have a good one. :)

so come say hi

By Hook and Rope

Monday, November 11, 2013

Empires and Generals Software

Software Developer Ventrux is taking Empires and Generals to a new level!

Experience the fully playable computer game of Empires and Generals

Stay tuned to their facebook page for more information!

I'm not paying them, so stop by and give him some props!

Go to the page now

Ancient Greece Soldiers (1.5 of 2) Sparta


yeah, so i'm writing my novel: "By the Gates of the Garden of Eden" and haven't done much this week on E&G...

however, i was thinking about the possibility of, when i finally publish the novel, just turning the whole thing into E&G Cards.


i think that would be pretty neat.

my blogroll on the book writing is here ---> http://GatesOfTheGarden.Com/

i'm excited.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

E and G World Map update

Added some Icons for you who don't know what's next on the list.

Click the link below to take you there... Or... at the banner above.

Green Tag = Done
Yellow Tag = Being Slowly Created
Blue Tag = Coming Soon
Gear = Current Work
Red Tag = Set aside for now

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tactics Cards Evolution of Change

I hope this answers a question or two.

Still free.

The Action (or effect for old cards) is still instant and free.

If your older tactic card reads "Effect" then play it that way,
If a newer one reads "Action" then play it that way.
The main purpose of the name change was to notate that this "Thing"
is NOT paid for like other cards "Effects"... Hence, "Action".

Voynich Manuscript - Equipment

This was last months Newsletter Card, Now, the whole world may enjoy it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nov 2 3013

working with a volunteer software programmer to create a "system manager" application for empires and generals. really, he is doing all the work and i will spam the heck out of his url when it's up and running.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Article about Bitstrips

I wrote an article about

Please share it with everyone you know.

It contains the story of the Empires and Generals Ad on The Pirate Bay

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Laughing in the face of History - Telephone stock

"A man about 43 years of age giving the name Joshua Coppersmith has been arrested for attempting to extort funds from ignorant and superstitious people by exhibiting a device which he says will convey the human voice any distance over metallic wires. He calls the instrument a ‘telephone,’ which is obviously intended to imitate the word ‘telegraph’ and win the confidence of those who know the success of the latter instrument. Well informed people know that it is impossible to transmit the human voice over wires, as may be done by dots and dashes and signals of the Morse Code. The authorities who apprehended this criminal are to be congratulated and it is hoped that punishment will be prompt and fitting, and that it may serve as an example to other conscienceless schemers who enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow creatures."

– Boston newspaper, 1865, quoted by Edison’s assistant Francis Jehl in Menlo Park Reminiscences, 1937