Sunday, August 31, 2014

The stranger, the fatherless and the widow

It's always a treat to stay in on Sunday morning with no guilt knowing that you can watch church from home. These new cards are based upon some of the stuff I learned, not in church, but in my own daily Bible reading. It's always amazing to me to see how much I forget about the Pentateuch when I start reading it again after a long absence.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Due to the deadline of publishing my newest novel, I will not be making many new cards between now and November first. My book is coming out on Halloween of this year (10-31) and there is a lot left to fix.

It's going to be pretty interesting reading material and intersects historically on several points if you are interested. The genre is "Supernatural Thriller" (think Stephen King or Dean Koontz) but has more of a mythical/mystical element to it.

If you want to keep up with the book blog, you may do so here at

Thanks for understanding!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prehistoric Beasts - Gigantopithecus

I've been hinting at it for a while now, and boom, here he is.

I don't know how your King, Emperor, Caesar, or Pharaoh got a hold of this dude, but he's the LAST ONE LEFT and he's worth a WHOLE LOT of dazzle. 

Same card, different art.

Remember that no matter the art, if the ID number is the same, the play is the same. This Cards ID number is DOWPB8.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dogs of War - Prehistoric Beasts

The Gen Con 2014 event was so successful and I was so busy that I forgot to give the players the link to the hidden file for these bad boys. In light of that, I've decided to make them available to everyone. Also, since they change rarity at conventions, all of Gen Con attendees can play them once per game until Sunday, when they become a Mega Rare Card. Enjoy! -Pauly

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nile Resupply System Fixed

I must apologize. This card was fixed a long time ago but never posted correctly.

The effect of the fill to ten rule only happens when it is played. It is not an ability.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gen Con Game Summation

yay! we had thirty five wonderful gamers come out on wednesday. i am glad that everyone stopped by and received their free swag!

lots of first timers and a lot of great notes for game fixes (which i shall attempt to rectify tomorrow)

i am like a zombie after attending 10 hours of writers workshops today and 12 hours of gaming on wednesday.

i was so ready to take a nap in the car on the way home with jennifer at the helm in her "attack on titan" cosplay uniform, but her friend lost her wallet...

and after waiting an hour and a half i had to drive myself home.

thank you God, mountain dew, cold air, and determination.

so now?


oh yeah, thanks to the three beer tent amigos for the lively conversation at the end of the day (you know who you are)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exiled Heian Samurai

I'm just too excited for today to sit around and waste my life on facebook.

Did you know? The first reference to the Samurai were around 900AD?

This is before the Medieval Japan (Feudal) period of 1185-1699 during the late Classical period of Heian.

In Empires and Generals, I have incorporated many ideals of Ancient and Classical Japan into the Ancient Japan Deck, as I have no "Classical" setting for the game structure. This may change, but in the meantime, I have the Heian as part of the Family Edition Unaffiliated.

If you are wondering how the Japan race/culture/cluster-of-east-asia-islands is set up, you may refer to the humongous map HERE.

So far I have Feudal Japan set up in Medieval > Separatists > Feudal Japan
and Ancient Japan set up in Antiquity > Warlord Edition > Ancient Japan

Who knows, it's fluid, but for now, enjoy the Samurai. His name is Hazuki.

I even gave him his own name badge, in case you forget.

Gen Con 2014 is today!

If you still have plans to attend the longest running Gaming Convention known to man, then come see me and other players today at Union Station in Indianapolis, Indiana!

We will be in Union Station, Downtown, located in Gaming room C&O #1

We will be running games at 12 Noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm. Each game will run an hour and a half.

So you can stop by and say hi!

The events are sold out, but there is plenty of hallway space to throw down an impromptu game between you and your friends!

I am also giving away autographed Gen Con Empires and Generals Cards and some bookmarks!

Here are a couple of helpful maps to guide you there!

See you soon!



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dogs of War updates


#1 - fixed the rat catchers expansion name.

#2 - added dogs of war to other blog side navigation.

#3  - added one mount card.

#4 - added navigation inside dogs of war page.

#5 - added prehistoric beast for public use.

#6  - created gen con specific prehistoric beasts that may be released this fall to the public.

have you checked it out yet? if not go here



Fixed a couple of old standards and added a new one under the Dogs of War edition.

Added this to the Glossary -

Mount -  Mount is a Secondary Card Type. Mounts may not enter the Battlefield alone. They must be banded to another Soldier that is not a mount. Larger animals are usually mounts.

Here is a new mount card just for you! Elephant Birds went extinct in the 1500's or so, and they were originally from Madagascar. They are usually twelve to fifteen feet tall when full grown. That's crazy!

A thought on education

Here is a little infographic series I found...

Paulywog will never be as wishy-washy as Poliwag

Years ago, I appreciated Pokemon and their infinite number of cards and variations of creatures. And I appreciated the evolutionary steps that you can go thru with each little monster.

I had the nick-name of Pauly Wog (or Pollywog) when I was a kid for a time and I decided to look up the Poliwag card from Pokemon, and order one as a name badge.

Well I've run into a small thing that I didn't know was a problem until now.

Using the same name card, with different powers, different skill levels and just about different everything, without really telling us that it is a different card.

According to there are a plethora of cards named Poliwag

Pokémon - Basic

Legends Awakened
Pokémon - Basic

Unseen Forces
Pokémon - Basic

FireRed & LeafGreen
Pokémon - Basic

Pokémon - Basic

Pokémon - Basic

Neo Discovery
Pokémon - Basic

Base Set 2
Pokémon - Basic

Base Set
Pokémon - Basic

I appreciate their small effort to name a couple of them a different name like:

Misty's Poliwag
Gym Challenge
Pokémon - Basic

Misty's Poliwag
Gym Heroes
Pokémon - Basic

But even after the renaming one of them, they immediately decided to duplicate it into another card of the same name. So ridiculous!

I guess I promise never to be this confusing.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Time Traveler Joke Cards! Egads!

Or course I'm biased... But then, really.
Look at the mean stats on both people type.
I think I even got the rarity down.
Plus... Hey. Gen Con.

and two variants of this one:

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mega Rare vs. Ultra Rare vs. Gigantopithecus

Mega Rare shares the idea with Rare and Ultra Rare, except that you may only play the card once per day.

On the Prehistoric Beast cards (just released) you will see a "Convention" exception, where if you are at a "CON" (Also called Geek Conventions) like Gen Con, Comic-Con, Dragoncon, Bliz Con, PAX Prime, even tiny ones like Air Capital Comics Con, then you may play it once per day... Per day that the convention is going on. That's from midnight to midnight on the DAYS PRINTED ON THE FLYER... For those of you who need to have it spelled out.

It usually will have "MEGA RARE" in the effects, unless my wife convinces me to take it out.

Take for example Pyrrhus, we see that he is an Ultra Rare card. Ultra Rares can be played once per GAME. That's ONCE.

So, if Sam's mom would let him come over, and we were playing, and we both had Pyrrhus in our decks and both drew them on our first turn and he was able to play his before I played mine, I would have no choice but to just Discard him on Resolve Phase because he could not enter the game again So, let's say that Sam slaughtered me in a Quick Game, and then we played another game. This time, AGAIN, we both draw Pyrrhus but this time I was able to play it... So, now HE can't play HIS card THIS GAME.

Get it? A Totally Different game!

Alright, now, again, let's look at Mega Rare. If Sam came over (again, it all depends on his mom... I keep asking her but she is being pretty spiteful) and we both had Arctodus and we both had him and Sam played him first, then POW! Arctodus can't be played for the REST OF THE DAY UNTIL MIDNIGHT (or, if midnight confuses you - 12:01 AM, and the minute before that). But let's just say that we are hanging out at Air Capital Comics in Wichita Kansas and it's November 16th, and we are at Denny's by the airport and it is 1:00 AM. Well, since Air Capital Comics Con is on November 16th, but it IS NOT at Denny's, you would have to drive over to 7001 w 21st st and play there. Just hope the lazy policemen that hang out in the Jason's Deli parking lot don't ask you any questions. It just may be safer to wait til the doors open.

"Owner may play this card once per game if owner is at a convention."

What kind of convention? I will leave that for you to hash out with your fellow gamers, but I intend that it is at a geeky convention, Anime, Comics, Star Trek, Toys, that kind of thing.

Have fun!


P.S. Gigantopithecus is awesome.