Sunday, November 20, 2011


added some extra art under the banner logo. should revise it soon. i hope it helps people with the "general" understanding on the point of how to play the game.

print it out!


did you see the pun i put in the first paragraph? general? get it? it was the empirical pun of the day!


i did it again.


worked on the greeks today.

big problem.

too many great ideas.

solution = (it's a surprise and you will like it)

Friday, November 18, 2011

new decks to be released

the two next decks will be:

classical greece
   hercules, theseus, pericles, etc...

   xerxes, cyrus, etc...

and two more i haven't made up my mind about yet. maybe hittite,  maurya or phonecian (including carthage)

i do know, however, that the decks i will build after that will be:

the mesopotamians. yay!

including babylon, assyria, summeria (and akkadia) as well as the hebrews.

most people don't throw the hebrews in that mix but i always like to have an empire that changes it up a bit. it was either the hebrews or phyrgia.

kievian-rus empire added to future deck build plan. but i have to get way into the future for that to happen.

so far i am still BCE. i think the youngest dude in any of the decks would be julius caeser or spartacus from the roman republic.

i have a LOT planned for the future.

for example: medjay, choctaw, texas, kingdom of antioch, mali, carib, seljuq, franks, timurid, maya, and the ottomans. hehe. this is just a shotgun smattering. i have planned around 120 decks so far.


please visit the artist area in the forums to let us know about your cool art that you would like to have put on the cards, so that EVERYONE can play with them... with YOUR name as the artist!

i can only pay you in fame, bragging rights and ultra-rare cards at the moment, but what are you waiting for!?!?

ok that's it for now! have a great weekend!



donate button / shopping cart bug fixed.

please feel free to throw money our way.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


finally made up my mind and decided to make the greeks next. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Artist Submissions

Artist Francis Hilow -


added a catchy slogan.


added top banner.

threw the holy hand grenade at the banner and made a new one.

did grin.

added top nav buttons including an order link to the best deals i could find for index cards online.

did a little jig.

took a nap.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


the shopping cart should be fixed within 3 days.


Egyptian Empire Artist Submission added at the artist submission page.

Monday, November 14, 2011


New donate button is buggy.

Should be fixed soon.



this is going to blow your mind.




added search feature to main page.

added artist submission cards to site and links to it everywhere.

didn't sleep much.

i hope you are satisfied keeping me up all night. my wife is jealous.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


worked several hours on the video projects. you will enjoy them as i have placed my own music under the game. good stuff and pretty well recieved by the preview audience (me and my cat).

the videos should clear up any misunderstandings that you might have in gameplay.


fixed top links on 4 empires top so you don't have to use browser nav buttons.

working on an incentive programme: post an ad for empires and generals in your facebook and i will email you a unique card... details coming soon about that.

also... thinking of the "philosophy" cards that i had made previously and never released with the family edition. instead of a "strategy" card, you can use a "philosophy" card to do an asundied number of things.

the next project i will be working on is adding our first artist to the mix. francis hilow has drawn a great number of soldier and general cards for us, for trade. his style is quite unique and i will be looking for a LOT of variety in the art...

...on that same note, i will be releasing blank cards for you to doodle in... well as the full color decks.

all this and MORE

coming soon to an empire near you.

have a great monday!


Roman Republic vs. Egyptian Empire Test Game

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Welcome Players!

Thank you for all the hits!

Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Belarus, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Brazil and Spain!

and most of all... the USA!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12/11 - Family Edition Full Release

yay. ancient china is done. this is the completion of all the cards available in the online edition of empires and generals. thanks to all for your patience. game play video is the next project coming up. enjoy the game! -pauly

Friday, November 11, 2011


welcome to the only 11/11/11 you will ever live thru. enjoy it. play some empires and generals today!

in other news...  china generals are up!

needing artists

hey crazy kids.

i need artwork for cards.

after i get all the cards uploaded for the regular game i will be uploading our first artist:

Francis Hilow

he has contributed over 50 pieces of art to the game in the main four empires for the family edition:

The Huns, Ancient China, Roman Republic, and the Egyptian Empire.

comment on the forums if you are interested here

Sunday, November 6, 2011


going to be working on some ancient china cards tonight. woohoo!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


added favicon and mobile version for wireless devices.

favicon issue still shows the repoint to the .tk instead to the blogger.

oh well.


added tags at the top of huns, roman, and egypt pages to navigate amongst other pages.


why didn't i do this before?


lots of goings on.

added huns soldiers
added huns card blog
added special card on 10/31/11.

going to work on chinese deck today.

still deciding on next series to produce -

ideas are: mesopotamian (or fertile crescent) series - akkadian, assyrian, babylon, hebrew
mediterranean series - greece, persia, phoenecian, troas

don't know yet. work pauly work! yeeaaaah! (whipping sounds)