Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reorganization of E&G World map and a new card

If you haven't seen the COMPLETE DREAM of Empires and Generals, I think it's time that you did.

Also, reorganizing the map led me into laying some new ground work for the future.

Here is a new card for your enjoyment.

The "p" by the 8 is a little helper for those of you who have issues printing a very vague background. It stands for "Pearl Diamonds" and is a resource for the Kingdom of France.

based upon a couple hours research on this mysterious statement:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sharing with friends

Hello and welcome to Empires and Generals!

My name is Pauly Hart and it is my high hope that you introduce every one you know to this game.

History is a strange animal and I've been a student of it for years. I began studying it at a young age from the perspective of the Bible and have expanded into every nook and cranny that I can find. From weird metaphysics to lost cities to dusty old textbooks, I love history. History defines us. It tells us what we are and what we are capable of. History tells a story of man and his achievements and embarrassments on the face of this pale blue planet.

In a very similar way, games help us understand the world around us. A good game can help us learn how to solve problems, plan ahead and embrace change. Games are fun and the ever indomitable spirit inside of man gives us a competitive edge against one another, and allows us to not only master games, but to seek out more and better games.

Empires and Generals is a Game about history. That's pretty cool. Not only are you learning while you play, but you are able to see a civilizations attributes in a way that you never had before. Now, I am by no means a master of understanding into these civilizations and do not claim to be. I stand on the shoulders of giants and am fully aware that often there are gaping holes in the knowledge that I have acquired. And that's alright... The game will evolve.

Now, I want so badly for the game to keep growing and for people to play it that I am willing to do all of this for free and only ask for donations. I want children in Africa, Intermediate school children in Asia, University students in Europe and even old men (like myself) from the Americas to play this game... And yes, I am not forgetting Australia. Everyone from Perth to Sydney, Darwin to Tasmania and even if I were to waltz Matilda out to the Alice I would want them playing this game. Fair dinkum.

At any rate. It's free. Free to print, play, share and give away.

Print a deck out and leave it at the library.

Print a deck out and leave it at school.

Print your favorite card and give it to your grandma.

Send in for some free stickers and plaster them on your car... On your laptop... On a street sign.



-Pauly Hart

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015