Saturday, May 31, 2014

Extension - Ways of Wushu

So here is the first card of many from the "Ways of Wushu" thematic expansion.

I plan on making them all really weird and really expensive.

I plan to release them gradually like I have been doing The Prince.

Anda is a really cool artist and I found her stuff by just stumbling thru Deviant Art. 

Below the card are the art pieces that I used for the card.

Here is Anda's site.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Building more Navy Cards into the game

So, I've got Greece, Carthage, soon will come Persia and then after the Expanded Edition I will introduce the Silla and Macedonia into the mix from the Warlord Edition

I will probably throw in some Family Edition Plus Roman Empire just so we can have the ball rolling at that point.

Too bad Japan never did anything worthy at sea. They had their butts spanked every time they tried until the 16th Century, and then they did it in full force all the way thru to the mid 20th Century.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Phoenician Carthage Naval Cards

These pictures were the most authentic that I could find at the moment, I will try to educate myself along the way so I have the right pictures with the right cards when I add alternate cards.

These are all common cards. There will be more (probably) coming soon. I need to finish the Persia Navy!


Naval Issues

I was struggling with the Naval "Problems" and think that I have figured out how to fix them.

Here is an update in the Glossary and here is some Rule Changes that should fix most things.


New Definition -

Establish Beachhead (Beachhead) - A way to move encamped Units from a Naval Soldier to the Battlefield surpassing the regular Warcamp. This occurs when there are encamped units aboard a Naval Soldier and they are dropped off onto the main Battlefield. This takes two turns and is explained thouroughly in Naval Troop Movement.

Changed Definition - 

Sea - Sea is a type of the Battlefield. Units in the Sea cannot usually go into the Battlefield with all the other cards. If a unit with Sea attacks another Units with Sea, they are considered in a "Sea" Battlefield by themselves. If a Unit from Battlefield attacks another unit with Sea or vise versa, these are to be treated as ranged attacks.

New Rule -

Tactics Cards, Effects and Abilities that are not specifically targetting Naval Units DO NOT WORK on them. For example: The Huns "Shout of Horror" would not mean that everyone would just fall out of the boat. Cards must specify that they are targetting Naval Units.


Also, Here is an official map to show you where you can stick your stuff.


Here is some other Naval related stuff from the Glossary:

Dock - The Dock is the Warcamp for Naval Units. When Naval Cards are in play by you, The area to the right of the Warcamp becomes the Dock. Units here are treated as freshly built Units (if ships), that are played from the Hand to the Dock before setting off to Sea.

Naval - A Subgroup of Soldier Card. Naval Cards are played to the right of the regular Warcamp and Battlefield. Naval Units may not be attacked unless it is by another Naval Unit or Ranged. The Areas to the right of the Battlefield when Naval Units are in Play are called the Dock and the Sea. 

***Note on Ranged Attacks and Naval Soldiers***

The Non-Naval Ranged Unit must be in the Battlefield to Range Attack Naval Units At Sea. The Ranged Naval Unit may only Ranged Attack the Battlefield.

***Note on Encampment (Encamping) at Sea***

When your Naval Unit is at Sea, it may not be encamped, unless you have another Naval Unit in the Sea with Soldiers in it, and they are allowed to move ships (Encamp from one Naval Soldier to another). If you wish to Encamp regularly, you must do so in Dock or by Establishing a Beachhead.

***Note on Connectivity***

The Battlefield connects to your Warcamp. Your Warcamp connects to your Dock, and often is treated as the same area.Your Dock connects to your "Sea". Your Battlefield DOES NOT connect to the Sea. When a Naval Card is in the "Battlefield" it is considered "In the Sea" or "At Sea". When a Naval Card is in the "Warcamp" it is considered "Docked" and may be "Encamped" by Soldiers. 

***Note on Affectivity***

Tactics Cards, Effects and Abilities that are not specifically targeting Naval Units DO NOT WORK on them. For example: The Huns "Shout of Horror" would not mean that everyone would just fall out of the boat. Cards must specify that they are targeting Naval Units.

***Troop Movement***

If you wish to move troops from your Warcamp to the Battlefield you may do this via Naval Soldier. This would mean that units would move from your Warcamp into the Ship, travel into the sea and then land at the Battlefield ready for a fight.

Great protection! However, this is a two turn feat.

First, the Units may be played from your hand into the Warcamp during Army Phase and then they may then be moved into the Naval Soldier on that same Army Phase.

Then you must Encamp them onto the Naval Soldier during Army Phase when your Naval Soldier is in Dock (Warcamp).

Then the Naval Soldier then moves into Sea (Battlefield) on that turn during the same Army Phase. They are now at Sea and may not attack unless they are ranged into the Battlefield.

On the next Army Phase you may Establish Beachhead into the Battlefield from the Sea. Your troops (Soldiers and other Units) now act as regular Units do on the Battlefield.

You may then move on to your regular Attack Phase.

Sailing with the Phoenicians

Starting at 18:08 you get this awesome spectacle of the dexterity of their sea-faring industry.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gen Con 2014

May 22nd Update:

We are sold out of tickets for the game!

This does not mean that you can't come.

You may still come and spectate!

I am also giving away free stickers!

I am also autographing cards!

Here is the link for the times available to come.


The date for the big event is Wednesday August 13th

Irresolution and Inside Knowledge


For the wimp in all of us.

I am sure this will become someone's most hated card.

Inside Knowledge.

Pushing the Wimp to a decision.

(Also a cheap loop-hope to avoid death if played on yourself with Irresolution).

This card was edited to say "Actions" instead of "Effects".

Friday, May 16, 2014

Farewell, My Concubine

When you get permission to use great art, you gotta make a new card right!?


Enjoy the combo punch that Imhotep brings. I will be making more Polymath cards later.

Here is more art from the artist on his Deviant Art Page.

I also found another cool piece of art for Sun Tzu. The stats are the same.

You can visit Tye's site HERE

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rare Prowlers's Seal of Questing

recently I have begun playing a facebook game called game of thrones ascent.

it's pretty neat but every now and again they throw something bogus in it because they run out of words maybe? i don't know...

it's a game that is based on a t.v. show that is based on a book so they really have no excuse to come up with crappy names for items that i win.

recently i won the "Rare Prowlers's Seal of Questing"... and i looked at my wife and i said: "what the heck is a rare prowlers's seal of questing? can i eat it or can i sew it on my sleeve?"

i mean it's a seal so that tells me in the game that i can use it as a stamp when i make a wax blob over my parchment... but i kinda already own four of those plus my personal seal...

won't people become confused with who i am if i keep sealing things with different stamps?

the makers of this game...



i promise i will never do something this stupid.

if i do... TELL ME and i will change it.

you can always email me at and let me know how i'm doing.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Your first turn pictorial (large images)

Would you like to know how to play on your first turn? Here is a step-by-step guide!












Your first turn pictorial 1-11

Monday, May 5, 2014

Leonhard Euler - Inventor of Sudoku

Got a new card finished. Neat dude who invented Sudoku. The joke is on the nines.