Friday, May 31, 2013

a bay full of pirates

one year ago i was happy to be on the front page of the pirate bay all memorial weekend.

it was a great time that saw our games website pop up into the hundreds of thousands with unique visitors views and was really flooded with good vibes from game players and well-wishers.

you may not agree with the pirate bay or file sharing but everyone likes free stuff which is what prompted me to make this ad using and their powerful flash comic building tool.

one year ago i was so happy with them and their decision to let me have my ad on the front page that i even made a "the pirate bay" card.

if you haven't seen it, here it is again, and i made it "trans-dimensional" to where it can be played in EVERY version of empires and generals in EVERY language for ALL ETERNITY.

and even today i still receive hits from, the archive for all the former front pagers there at the pirate bay.

also for you who noticed, i changed the number of the old card, as the number was replaced by the card: "something to prove" which was EGSEUST2. that number is still in use by "something to prove" but the new number for the "the pirate bay" card is EGGFE256 which is kind of a pun in and of itself.

the actual number system is

EG - empires and generals
GFE - game fan edition
256 - the number of card in that set

but my pun that i have devised is

EGG - an egg. wholesome goodness that hatches life
FE - elemental code for iron.
256 -

so without (even more) delay, here is their old card and the new card that i have made as a memento for this occasion.

don't use the old card anymore, i just wanted to put it up here because it's a good memory.

old card-

new card-

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Game Fan Spring 2013 Rework

the ultra-cool, ever-popular gamer cards have been around for a while. i've just figured out how i want them to go.

also added today is the nine man morris card! an excellent card if i've ever seen one!

if you happened to miss this last newsletter with the cool info on how to find me at gencon, you might want to sign up for that newsletter.

you can just send and email to empires and generals at g mail dot com and we will hook you up pretty soon!

stay classy, san diego!

The Prince Tactics Promo Spring 2013 Rework

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 new and 4 reworked kingdom cards


working two jobs from 9am - 11pm everyday. the second job that i took is pretty demeaning and it pays low (minimum USA standards) but it does fill in the cracks. as soon as i get debt squared away, i will leave the second job. that feeling i get when i come home and before i fall asleep... tells me to work on the game... so... i should have four new cards tonight. i have three or four hours of not working. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15/13 - productivity is a question.

sitting at my job waiting for the last fifteen minutes i realized that twiddling my thumbs was not the answer where productivity was the question

so i got out a pen and paper and decided to round out some new kingdom card ideas.

going to add a couple of specific kingdom cards that play well with the total culture of your deck should you choose to go single empire-minded.

let's say: "if all cards in play are X then Y."

X = rome, china, huns, egypt, greece, persia, maurya... etc...

Y = all strategy cards that cost more than 3 resources now all cost 2 resources

Y = chose one tactic card that was just played, discard it, no actions on tactics card may occur. this card trumps all actions on any one tactics card played and being discarded.

Y = entice an attacking unit, this unit is now controlled by you but must stay in the battlefield.

Y = etc...

so... that kind of thing

i think that will be cool to try to get back in the groove of single empires.

i might call them "dynasty" cards with the text in the middle upper between the empire and the type of card. i think this would be nice. so, a proposed four or eight new kingdom cards are on the way.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

05/12/13 Trumping

added trumping to the glossary as such:

Trump - After playing a card, often another card is played on top of it, negating the effect or ability of the first card. This is called "Trumping" and is often confusing for the new card player. When something is Trumped, the last card played (the one on top) is active and the activities of the last card are not used. When something "Can not be trumped" then that cards effect or ability goes on no matter what any other cards say. The card that "can not be trumped" has the dominant authority in the final outcome of the turn resolution.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 site stats

Welcome to the evolving blog post about how much you guys are spreading the word about this awesome game!


total unique visitors on per month

december 2013 - 2,148
november 2013 - 3,334
october 2013 - 2,317
september 2013 - 2,264
august 2013 - 3,040
july 2013 - 1,932
june 2013 - 1,352
may 2013 - 1,379
april 2013 - 941


april 2012 - 20 unique visitors on

may 2012 - 131,511 unique visitors (434,403 pageviews) on

memorial day 2012 - the pirate bay ad

top 20 markets for that weekend:

1. United States 33,251
2. United Kingdom 9,265
3. Sweden 9,255
4. Canada 8,708
5. Australia 6,353
6. Netherlands 5,782
7. Brazil 5,089
8. Norway 3,531
9. Portugal 2,882
10. Greece 2,737
11. Poland 2,443
12. France 2,347
13. India 2,335
14. Spain 2,066
15. Philippines 2,060
16. Germany 1,919
17. Finland 1,918
18. Romania 1,807
19. Denmark 1,466
20. Serbia 1,373

june 2012 - april 2013: 628.18 average unique hits per month

april - merged and the to repoint to the blog.

looking forward to exponential growth with these new cards and your new friends!

spread the word and...


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Huns Tactics Spring 2013 Rework

Attila (1954) vs. Attila (2001)

Settling in to watch the 1954 version of Attila with Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren and Henri Vidal.

Filmed in Italy and France, it seems to be a much more "realistic" than the 2001 version.

Pretty frikkin awetastic so far. A lot of drama and Rome diplomacy...

I would like to say that, right now, even as I watch it in Turkish on Youtube, it is looking better than Gerard Butlers TV flick.

That  was pretty dumb in my opinion.

Whoops, the one on Youtube is not actually the full movie. Around halfway in, it repeats the first part of the movie.

Oh! found a better copy...

Here is the full movie that can be watched, though you might not understand it unless you speak Attilastani, which I am sure is not a real language...

Below are some stills from the movie that I just might use on the cards.