Thursday, January 23, 2014


#empiregeneral didn't have any hits on google today. #empiregeneral is now our "hashtag" although i refer to it as a pound sign or a number sign. i predict a future in which every two noun and adjective combination has a website and a hashtag. might as well grab it up while i'm at it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Click the Favorite button!

Go to this link on bitstrips and click the "Favorite" button!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Spartacus 2

New Spartacus Art!

Mirkalla does some really great work!

go give her a visit!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Laughing in the face of history - Hieroglyphic Typo

Reworking the Special Editon

reworked a bunch of cool stuff on the special edition. (wow, in the last 20 minutes i had 60 hits on it)

go check it out.

i even wrote something cool for it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gencon 2014

Post 1 - 1:38 AM Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Items Submitted

Friday, January 10, 2014

Software / Trennon

Just got an email from Trennon of Ventrux. He has been Über busy with projects and is getting working on the Empires And Generals Computer Game. You can't download it at this second, but it should be up and running soon.

He's too brainy for me, I just make board games.

But he's pretty awesome, so I made this card for him today to say thanks.

5 New Art peices... 2 New Cards

Viking Resource is 5 Minke Whale to Play. Can be traded for Coin.

Carolingian Resource is 8 Denier to Play. Can be traded for Coin.

Poster from 900 AD


Busy busy busy recently

1) Am in contact with Vetrux about the Software development. The lead developer/owner is busy with school these next couple of weeks so I am sorry, whenever they can get to it, they will let us know.

2) I released some elephants into the game.

3) Revamped Carthage and Maurya sites to reflect others.

4) Made links to those sites on all the others.

5) Reached out to over 20 artists to get some more art for the game on Deviant Art (my go to place for grabbing artists), Several have written back, I have made one card so far.

6) I added Gencon 2013 Cards to correct areas, cause people were tired of hunting for them.

7) Tweaked the old website and repointed over there.

8) Put up a bunch of t-shirts online with our first logo and made an ad on this site to reflect that.

9) Made some prototype mounts cards. Horses, Camels, Donkeys... etc...

10) Finishing up some stuff for Naval on Carthage, Persia and Greece.

All in all, groovy things and chicken wings are rolling along. I hope to hear from you at - come join us! We have CAKE!


-Pauly Hart

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Introducing Elephants!

You are going to have a lot of fun figuring things out with these guys.

There is a couple of things that you should know about elephants!

1) The cost is pretty high. Instead of the basic 1/3 rule on total life+strength, I went ahead and made it 1/2 the total.

2) They are a dime a dozen. Each card released today is a common card. That means that you may have five of each card in your draw pile.

3) Each Elephant has two sub-categories. So, anything affecting an animal, affects an elephant.

4) Elephants are NOT mounts. Mounts is another sub-category.

5) They need training! Without a Mahout (an elephant trainer) you can pretty much do nothing with them except hide behind them. Here are some finer points:

     A) When they are attacked in the Warcamp without a Mahout, their counter attack is 1/2
           of their Strength (rounded down)... So the Armor Plated Bull instead of being a 13, would be a 6.
     B) They cannot leave the Warcamp without a Mahout in the Warcamp
     C) When there is an Elephant in play, Mahouts are always free to play
     D) You may band a Mahout to an Elephant, but once he leaves into the Battlefield, there is no
           longer a Mahout in the Warcamp for your other Elephants.

6) Resources needed are:
     A) Maurya Empire - Indian Rice
     B) Achaemenid Persia - Daric
     C) Phoenician Carthage - Mediterranean Agriculture

7) Remember, you can always trade silver for these resources.

8) Two new abilities have been introduced: Stomp and Ram. See the cards for more details.

9) I have updated the Glossary on: Elephant, Mahout, Animal, Stomp, Ram, and Absorb and Helper Icon.


Maurya Empire!


Achaemenid Persia!


Phoenician Carthage!

There are more elephant things, ideas and cards to come! 


Monday, January 6, 2014

Ancient Egyptians weren't superstitious idiots

The "Eye of Horus" is just a glyph that means: "Use your brain. See? This is your brain! USE IT"

Not some mumbo jumbo about mystical bullshit and enlightenment. 

I get enlightened when I learn SCIENCE!



The first egyptian brain surgeon to cut open a guys head saw this and said: "SCIENCE!"

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Histomap (of mostly europe and asia)

Laughing in the face of history - The Banning of the Fez

The fez originated from the city of Fes in Ancient Morocco.

For quite some time there was a stranglehold on the berry that made the dye to make the color.


No idiot figured out how to make that color without these berries.


In 980 some bullshit happened and all the Moors living west of The Nile were told to go to Fes instead of Mecca.

So all the homies were like: "Aww yeah, let's go hang out in Fez."

And some tourist dude noticed some local dude with a bright red can on is head and was like: "Hey, that thing on that looks pretty fly for a white guy."

And they were like: "Yo G, what you got on your head?"

And he was all like: "Ah yes, my family wears these. It's a sign of intelligence. Plus, I don't bump my turbine when I pray."

And they were all like: "OOOOOOOH."

Thus, all those crazy niggas started wearing em.

Fast forward to the end of the Ottoman Empire and the dawn of the new Turkey (obviously in Turkey)...

Kemal Ataturk, leader of the Young Turks, felt the fez was backward and dressed only in western, notably British, suits and styles.

On August 30, 1925 he banned the fez in an attempt to push Turkey into the "modern world".

This effort was resisted with some fury, to the point that several riots broke out and fezzes were seized as illegal contraband.

Yes. a HAT was illegal.

By the 1930s the fez was almost gone in Turkey when one last attempt was made to re-introduce it by a group who planned to overthrow Ataturk.

This ended in deadly results with a total of some nine people shot down the streets of Omelette, Turkey.

The headlines read: "The Turkey Omelette Nine: Red Hats to Red Splats"

The headline bit is the only thing that I made up.

my favorite scene from '12 years a slave'

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Download the new Computer Game of Empires and Generals!

Today I had the opportunity to download and run the new Empires and Generals Software.

There is a small error running it from my end but it will get worked out very soon.


Looking forward to the fix and playing!