Friday, June 28, 2013

Nine Mans Morris

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remember, a gamer is a unit, not a soldier or a general, but does have pull when he is played. he cannot attack without a general but is not subject to cards that have abilities or effects against soldiers.

june 28th 2013

this blog post contains


working on strategy cards for the next update on the summer fixes.
should have all 24 of them ready by tomorrow night.


gencon sponsored empires and generals games are tentatively set for - 

wednesday, august 14th 9pm - 11 pm, cost: free
thursday, august 15th 9pm - 11 pm, cost: $2
friday, august 16th 9pm - 11 pm, cost: $2
saturday, august 17th 9pm - 11 pm, cost: $2


game masters for gencon will be pauly and jennifer hart (me and my awesome wife)


wil wheaton is scheduled to be at gencon this year.
set a course for funky town mister crusher!


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Friday, June 14, 2013

Specialty Tactics Spring 2013 Rework

now... here's the thing. i don't have permission from either artist to post their stuff. but i did send them an email telling them that i was putting it up. let's see what they say.

Unaffiliated Tactics Spring 2013 Rework - all