Thursday, July 31, 2014

Free Gen Con Promo Card - Megatherium (The Giant Sloth)

I think it's also nice to see some other games with the giant sloth, although I don't think they did him justice where his true weight is concerned. 

Gen Con Teaser Cards

civilian sabotage

gencon 2014 free cards

every person in attendance of the games at gencon on wednesday will receive:

limited edition arctodus, smilodon, mammoth and direwolf cards, one autographed card from gencon 2013, and one bookmark.

tickets to play are sold out, but you can still stop by and say hello.

here is where to go on wednesday, august 13th.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Unaffiliated Prison Cards

Rather than just having one prison holding one person, I thought it would be interesting to introduce many types of prisons. Used as a Capitol Card.

Capitol Card Tweaks

Finally the Capitol card makes sense being in it's own division.

Remember: You may only have one Capitol card in play at once, and they are stacked in your Supply Pile.

I am going thru and updating all that I find. Let me know if I miss any.

I have left Greece and Unaffiliated reference numbers the same as their old numbers so there is no confusion although they still indicate that they are resources, it will still be playable as your old card.

Here's a new one for you as well. He should stop those pesky rodents.

Just don't shake the guys hand.



Arctodus Teaser for Gencon 2014

I might reword this and say something about running away (discarding) if he ties or something. Oh, snap. I also need to add that he can only be played in antiquity. Got to go to work! I'm running late! Trying to find a great Dire Wolf without all that Game of Thrones crap.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Egyptian Empire Tactics Cards

I realize this is probably LOOOOONG overdue. Enjoy!

July 2014 Card Fixes

Fixing a couple of quick things.

Clarified encamp rules. Changed size of Unit when encamped in a Naval Soldier. Added Athens subtitle.

Made Uncommon.
made it clear about the capitol card exchange

made it clear about the capitol card exchange

Gencon 2014: Free Bookmarks and Autographed Cards

Even if you did not get your ticket to play the
GenCon Empires and Generals Events...
you can still swing by and:

Watch game play

Pick up a free autographed card (one per person).

Pick up a free bookmark (one per person)

Have me autograph your forehead

Here are the event times and locations. 

It's all right HERE

You gonna be there?


Rules Update. Small Tweek

I have had a couple of people get mad mid-game because certain things were not discussed pre-game.

I have made this list and added it to the rules section so there will be no confusion.

I have also made a card that you can print for easy reference. I will add it to the Reference list as well.

If you have any confusion as to which deck is where, you can always go HERE.

I would suggest that beginners try "Standard" first.

Note: In this list, the Americas Edition is not playable until "Days Gone By", but you can change that if you want to. I may add other varieties later in the rules list. Please email me at if you want to see something else.


Rules Addition


Determine Predestination and Game Type

Use the"Empires and Generals" Playing Cards and Resource Cards.​

Choose the Predestination you wish to play.

You may use any of the decks within the given limits of the Predestination you are playing.

1) “Standard”
Any chosen Edition, no Acts of God

2) “Ancient Rumble”
Antiquity only

3) “Peaceful Past”
Antiquity only, no Acts of God

4) “Knights of Valor”
Medieval only

5) “Alone in the Dark”
Medieval only, no Acts of God

6) “Classic”
Antiquity and Medieval, no Great Mysteries

7)  “Classic Peaceful”
Antiquity and Medieval, no Acts of God

8) “Dynasty Variant”
Antiquity and Medieval, no Acts of God, No Unaffiliated

9) “Days Gone By”
Everything before 1910

10) “Is this real life?”
Everything before 1910, no Great Mysteries

10) “Up to date”
Everything before 1910, no Acts of God

11) “Free For All”
Any Card in the Historical Empires and Generals Franchise

12) “No Holds Barred”
Any Released card from any Empires and Generals Game, historical or otherwise, including Spin-offs and Jokes

There are many more varieties that you may play if you wish to do so. It is up to you as long as everyone at the table agrees before playing.

Choose the Game Type you wish to play.

Achieve Three points to win the game against all opponents
Lose Three points to lose against all opponents

Achieve Five points to win the game against all opponents
Lose Five points to lose against all opponents

Achieve Eight points to win the game against all opponents
Lose Eight points to lose against all opponents

Slaugherhouse Version:
Start all Cultural Health Cards at the top line of the Game Play Line. You may not win by gaining Health but must win by defeating all of your opponents. You may play Slaughterhouse version with any of the three Game Types.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Why yes, it DOES say "All Soldiers".