Printing Instructions

Link to the wiki printing instructions

Quick Start-up guide to print your own cards:


1) Create a new folder on your desktop (or wherever) "Empires and Generals"

2) In this folder create four folders.

A) Roman Republic
B) Egyptian Empire
C) The Huns
D) Ancient China

For a basic set you will need to print off at least 25 Playing Cards and 10 Resource Cards.

For the beginner, I suggest:

6 Non-Playing Cards:

Title Card
Game Phase Chart
Play Map
Attack Resolution Card
Cultural Health Chart

29 Empire Specific Playing Cards:

Five General Playing Cards
Nine Soldier Playing Cards
Five Kingdom Playing Cards
Five Strategy Playing Cards
Five Tactics Playing Cards

16 Resource Cards:

Sixteen Resource Playing Cards

4) Click on desired picture. Click it again to zoom in.

5) Right click on that card to save it.

4) Save Image in the Empires and Generals > (Whichever Empire it belongs to)

5) Repeat for remaining cards.


You will need ONE pack of Index cards for TWO decks of Empires And Generals.
here is a cool place to order your cards if you haven't got any and it is miles away from the nearest location and you are too lazy to do all that walking.

Your Default program will open up. I use Irfanview which is pretty cool and totally free. you can download it here if you want a WAY MORE BETTER picture viewer than your preloaded version from your OS.)

1) Click File > Print or Ctrl+P (this picture is from windows picture and fax viewer)

2) Select settings / For a good cost effective deck you want:

A) Portrait
B) Index Card 3x5 or whatever size cards you have.
C) Shrink to fit or Best fit to page (you want the picture to FIT on the Index Card)
D) Fast Draft (SUGGESTED) or Fast Normal printing
E) Grayscale (For saving ink) or Color if your wallet is hefty.

3) Don't forget to load the printer with the cards!

4) Print one of them... If it's great then print some more!



a note on index card margins-

the dimensions of each card are 4 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches.

this is 10.795 cm x 6.35 cm.

if they are a little off then that should be ok.

you should be able to print them off fine on a 3x5 card

borders for all new color cards have been fixed to left top right at 1/4 inch (0.635 centimeter) and bottom to 1/2 inch (1.27 centimeter) for printing ease.

most of the cards already have a bottom art piece to ensure height except for the tactics cards. what i have done is add a small dot in the bottom right corner of the tactics cards. this is supposed to be there.

note: if you find your printer is CHOPPING OFF the top portion of the card, try printing the card UPSIDE DOWN. if you are still having issues printing, tell the printer to shrink to fit. that always helps me out.