Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thing that i leave out of my game

people ask me about various subjects in history and why they are not included in my game.

there are several reasons.

let us take sexuality for example. sexuality is something that i have decided will NOT be in the game of empires and generals.

here is a prime example of things that i have learned that, albeit quite intriguing, really wouldn't be helpful in gameplay.

when and if greek spartan boys finished the agoge, they were given a mentor. an older man of around 35 years.

someone to teach them the art of war, train them to fight in the phalanx, help them learn customs and traditions, as a dancing partner... and as a practice sex partner.

they stayed with them from age 13ish to 30ish... learning all these things.

when it was time for the spartan citizen soldier male to wed at the age of 30, their wife, age 12, had her head shaved, placed in boys clothes, and placed in a dark room.

the man, after much drinking would go in and "meet" with her.

this happened night after night until they eventually settled down together.

but right at about the same time the man had gotten used to the new "lover"... or maybe right at the time where he had gotten tired of a vagina and breasts... he was given his own boy to mentor... fresh from the agoge.

a little boy to teach all the way that he had learned when he himself was a teenager.


and that's just one city in the entire world in one brief period of history.

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