Friday, February 24, 2012


halfway thru making color cards for Ancient China

fun times

i have taken down the black and white versions of these

if you were quick enough to print the black and white ones, you will notice a couple of changes:

1) Cavalry archer is gone and replaced with War Horse (although has similar banding ability)
2) Crouching Tiger is gone and replaced with Chinese Chariot (there is also a bonus to War Horse added to Chinese Chariot
3) War Rhinoceros is now 5 Cost instead of 2
4) Iron Dao Swordsman has been replaced with Liuye Dao Swordsman, cost one more, but no discard is needed to bring him back to your hand
5) Triple Arcubalista is now 4 cost instead of 2
6) Uyghur Troops ability text now more clear

look forward to more updates!

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