Thursday, September 27, 2012


note #1

very excited to be working on the persians. learning a lot about cyrus. actually, october 29th is cyrus the great day. i am beginning to understand so much about this wonderful country under cyrus. it's really amazing...

note #2

pondering making a mini-expansion featuring "battle" cards. the top 25 or so most decisive battles in the world pre 450 AD. the cards would be played like strategy cards but let's say you played: "battle of thermopylae" or "battle of marathon" and you were greece and your opponent was persia... well... you may just have a better fighting chance than if you played something else. i think i will make it after i finish persia for Christmas. i've set up a pre-order page for persia that you can go to and order it. i hope you do, i think it's going to be just as cool as ancient greece.

note #3

really. ok. i have to watch the hollywood movies "alexander" and "prince of persia" just to root out things NOT to include in the game. no, there were not war elephants everywhere... no this, no that... so confounding. but i DON'T WANT to waste my time watching these crummy movies. ugh, how hollycrud ruins things.

note #4

after watching both movies, i have come to the conclusion that alexander was a little off, while prince of persia had just as much historical accuracy as conan the barbarian... and in case you were unaware: that is around 0% accurate.

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