Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10/02/12 persia notes


all of the resources from persia will be DARIC COIN. caps for

emphasis. most things will cost a smaller amount of coin than normal

because only uncommon cards will be able to be kept, the rest are one

time use only... so it's a bit different.

the ultra rares are really old zigurats that still charged for

admission, prayers, services...

this is to reflect the persians who had NO ECONOMY other than

taxation. seriously. no major markets... nothing of any significance.


all taxes were paid by satraps in gold dust and sometimes horses.


"ultra rare soldiers" are real life war-generals and the "uncommon

generals" were real life lieutenant, colonel, major, general.


i haven't moved any of the strat or tactics away from common. still

working on that.

so... also i have no common generals. that is a new one as the generals are evenly spit between uncommon and ultra-rare... but there are 12 of them or so...

what else...

oh yeah...

i keep tweaking resources. i have 21 resources so far...

they are

3 common

5 uncommon

7 rare

6 ultra rare.

the reason for this goes back to the whole way they ran their economy. i'm not the worlds leading historian, but from what i can figure, the government was very very liquid.

the taxes came in, in the form of gold dust, which the treasury turned around and melted and used for their standarized daric coin to pay everyone.

the wealth stayed in the various three or four capital cities.

if this were done in the united states, it would look like new york, los angeles, miami and chicago would be the only beneficiaries of the entire countries wealth. it was a very VERY rich/poor society.

craftsmen were paid well when they worked on government jobs.

and if you didn't work for the government then you were poor.

very poor.


ok so that's the situation with resources for persia as it stands by itself...

what i might do (as i did with the greeks) is use "coin" as well with the three common resources which are all day laborers in some respect.

so this benefits the other decks in that: getting 15 day laborers in your deck that make one coin each per turn and do not need to trade with a coin trader to use the coins... means no more STONE HEADACHES for those wanting to use great wall or pyramids.

your coin is a universal resource.

so that's a cool freebie for the multi-culture players.

if i were playing samson and his hun rush-control deck, i would suggest to him to only use day laborers and throw in a couple of cheap items from other decks as well to balance out the deck... but you guys can discuss that stuff on the forums.

ok... thanks for reading this craziness. hope it makes sense to ya.

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