Friday, January 4, 2013

Bowmen Ambush fix and Dinka Spies

as i look thru some of the cards i think are doing just fine i surprise myself with errors that i thought i had fixed long ago.

so bowmen ambush got fixed today and i updated it here as well

and then i decided to add a subtype of  "ambush" which really gives it a better feel to the whole card. i imagine that i will make a whole lot more ambush cards under the tactics area.

so that lead me to make an anti-ambush card. dinka spies allows you to hold off ambushes as long as you have a strategy card in play... which makes sense. your spies aren't doing any good just sitting by the fire. if they are out there doing something because you have a plan in motion, then you should have an escape against ambushes.

so i created "readiness" which i almost called "preparedness" but decided against it.

i am also going to have a couple more tactics readiness cards that are pretty much there just to protect you against craziness... i have a bunch of things in mind but for you now, you can print off these two cards and have fun with them.

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