Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to play in three minutes

A Quick Setup

===Before the Game===

Decide the Length and type of Game to play

Shuffle, Sort, Divide Decks

Place Draw Pile and Supply Pile

Draw seven cards

Begin game

===During the Game===

Decide whether to Play or Pass

If you play, draw a card at the beginning of the turn

Harvest Resources (count how much you can spend each turn)

Play Kingdom and Strategy Cards if you have the resources

Play Generals into the Warcamp or Battlefield with the resources you have left

Play Soldiers and Units into the Warcamp

-You may move Soldiers to Battlefield on their next turn

-Effects on Generals or Soldiers or Units happen when the card is played

-Abilities may be used by Soldiers and Units on their next turn after being played

Attack with one Unit, Soldier or General

-Use the Attack Resolution Card to determine outcome of battle

Bring your hand back to seven cards at the end of your turn

Pass the turn to the next player

Game is over when there is a winner declared by gaining Cultural Health or

Game is over when there is only one player left (everyone else has lost their Cultural Health)

===Quick things to remember===

- It is OK to skip any parts of the Turn Phase except the last one
-You may play Tactics Cards at any time whether it is your turn or not
-Acts of God Cards get shuffled into the Resource Pile not the Draw Pile

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