Wednesday, April 17, 2013


notes on the metaphysical and religion


fixing the ethereal "special edition" cards...

i think here is what's going to happen...

first i will move all of the non religious special edition cards out of special edition and reprint them as normal expanded or unaffiliated or preview cards...

then i will only have iconic religiously affiliated cards in the special edition.

yeah, throughout history many religious scholars have claimed "this" or "that" is real or not real, and i am going to go on the most scientific evidence possible and place it in the regular decks...

the stuff that is more... metaphysical... i will just keep in the special edition.

but i have to draw the line somewhere, you know -

so it will be in the physical manifestation of these perceived dimensions.

and that means that...

if christians and jews and muslims want to give me crap for doing this or not doing that, i can just say: "hey! it's in the game!"

but there won't be angels or demons or cherubs showing up as soldiers in the game with 1000 strength and 1000 life. that would suck for any human army.

but i might have: "dreams of angels" or something pretty benign in there as a kingdom card. heck, if you lived back in the day and dreamed of an angel, it would be a pretty big deal whether it was peyote or the real thing... it would defiantly affect the way you ruled your people.

so... that's going to happen pretty soon.


in other news,

we have a couple of new artists coming on board so i will be using a couple of their cards pretty soon... look for that.


oh and we are going to be at this august. hope to see you there.

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