Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/3/13 - ten things ahead for 2014

2014 information!

1) i spent three hours this morning at my favorite coffeeshop working on my book: By the Gates of the Garden of Eden and things are looking up for me finishing the text by summer of 2014 and getting it off to editing then to publication.

2) i have recently released the full completion of the Act of God expansion and that is done... finally. this will grow as i come up with new ways for people to suffer.

3) the next newsletter will be coming out pretty soon and i will be giving away some really cool ideas and asking for feedback on a couple of very important items. if you want in on this goodness, email me at

4) i am also going to be launching a kickstarter campaign with a friend of mine very soon on one of my other games. (more information to come in the newsletter).

5) still working on ancient greece hope to get this finished and polished off way before 300: rise of an empire comes out... so you can tell your friends that the spartans really weren't like that at all.

6) still working on the prince so far it's just tactics, but that will change.

7) still working on the great plague i am probably 3/4 of the way done with the initial cards.

8) also, working on ANOTHER expansion that is sure to tickle the fancy. just compiled the starter list today of the possibilities.

9) also, to compliment #8, i am working on yet another expansion that i feel will help piece some mysteries together

10) the special edition will be undergoing some tweeks. i feel strongly that i need to separate historical fact with mythical lore. there are many game elements that should be introduced but not necessarily in the way that i wanted to introduce them.

thanks! again, if you want to be part of the loop then sign up for the newsletter!

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