Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Racist Scum"

While working on editing my book today I encountered something that I thought I would share with my history game friends, and also because since this month and next month are all gonna be about the book, I feel pretty guilty about leaving you guys in the lurch. :)

So, here is what a friend of mine commented on her facebook today -

"im tolerant of everything except intolerant people... there is NO reason for some people to still be so damn racist, especially younger generations. like, people are people, how the hell can someone think theyre better than someone else just because of a goddamn skin color? how tf does that make any sense? ignorant af, i swearrr!"

So I commented back -

"While I'm not a damn racist, I am surprisingly racist, and it came, not thru the power of ignorance, but the power of education. Not a racial bigot, mind you, but a racist in the scientific sense."

She was thrown by that, so I pointed her to my bitstrip about it. I've been on bitstrips before it was a "thing" and still have a pretty big following there.

Enjoy this unique point of view.

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