Saturday, May 30, 2015


Submitted for your approval a slight expansion for those of you would would like it.

Imagine if you will, before the game starts, being able to already have seven cards on the table in play.

That is what 7,8,Mine is.

Already having seven cards in play.

There are several loopholes and catches to this and when you see that there is no Harvest Phase, no Attack Phase and you may not play Tactics cards you might not see how it is beneficial at all.

These are there for a purpose however. Because you are not "playing" yet, there can be no interaction per se.

The Glossary has been changed to reflect it thus:

7,8,Mine - A rule modification involving the first turn of the game. Players are able to take a turn before the first turn of the game that gives them the ability to play seven cards down before the beginning of turn one. After resolution of the "Preemptive Turn", then players draw eight cards and begin their game as normal.

So, in the course of the turn, the interaction will be limited to are the following:

Effects from free cards played
Free Abilities from cards played
Acts of God Cards

By having seven cards available at the beginning of the game, and then being able to draw eight more immediately you are increasing the speed at which you can create a unique and powerful army.

I have played over a hundred games of Empires and Generals. Mostly it has been with new people. But lately I have been playing with experienced players and have found that we are both full of anticipation at the very beginning of the game.

Let me express again, that this is an OPTIONAL item to add if you would like it.

This will solve that anticipation with immediate action. Enjoy.

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