Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mounts, Equipping, and Banding

Updated the Glossary to clarify the difference in Mounts and whether they band or equip. Each card will specify as there are different types of mounts. I also clarified a bit on how to receive damage as a unit when you are equipped or banded.

Mount -  Mount is a Secondary Card Type. Mounts may not enter the Battlefield alone. They must be Equipped or Banded to a Unit that is not a mount. They may not band to Walls or Fortresses. Only one mount may equip or band to the Unit. If the Mount is Equipped, then it acts like Equipment and takes damage first. If the mount acts like a banding card then it and the Unit take damage together.

Equip - Adding any card onto another card for the purposes of boosting them. This can only be done at the War Camp during Army Phase unless specified. Most Equipment (including Mounts) are designated to take all damage first. If a Unit of 10/10 has equipment banded to him that is a 0/10 then the Unit is not a 10/30. The Unit is still a 10/10 but the Equipment takes the first 10 damage.

     Example - A 30/30 Unit is against the 10/10 Unit with the 0/10 Equipment. The first 10 of the 30
     Strength discards the Equipment. The remaining Strength is a 20 which easily beats the 10 Life of the
     Defender. Both the Equipment and the 10/10 Unit are discarded on Attack Resolution.

Band (Banding) - Combines the given attack numbers as well as the defense. Two 5/5 banded Soldiers are treated as one 10/10 Unit. This can be done at the War Camp or the Battlefield only during Army Phase. At first glimpse there may seem to be two different types of banding: "Band with" and "Band to". This is incorrect. In every group there is always a small group leader. Banding takes place when one card bands itself to another. There is always a primary or a chief target that is banded to in every unit. When they take damage, they do it as ONE UNIT and not separately, unless they are disbanded.

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