Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tonic - Areca, Lotus, Pythia

Betel Nuts, or Areca Nuts have been chewed for thousands of years from people all over the world. It works on the body the same way Caffeine or Nicotine do, but is more effective. It is highly addictive but can cause serious health issues if done as a habit.


Blue Lotus were used by Ancient Egyptians as a party drug. They would dip them in wine to enhance them. They are not very potent but do serve to help curb inhibition.

Pythia gas was once thought to be a myth but it turns out it was ethane, methane, and ethylene. The Pythia was the main Oracle and was a young woman who inhaled the gas and gave prophesies. People would travel from the four corners of the earth to hear her. But you had to pay.

You will notice that both "Pythia Gas" cards have the same ID and the same NAME. This is correct. You can build with it accordingly, whichever version or combination that you want to. You may also notice that the rarity is set to "Unique C-R" which means that you may build up to five in your deck (C=Common) but may only play it once (R=Rare).

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