Tuesday, April 12, 2016

7 Deadly Sins & 7 Virtues

Below is a list of the 7 Deadly Sins & 7 Virtues.

Specifically designed inside of the Special Edition, as it has religious roots. You may choose to play with or without the Special Edition when you play any game, as it is your choice to determine which decks are legal in each game.

These are tricky cards. Each card is a Tactics card, so the cost is free and you may play it at any time. The deck build is common, so you may have five each in your deck.

The "Sins" give you really powerful actions, but if you play three of them, you lose a Cultural Health

The "Virtues" help your opponents, but if you play three of them, you gain a Cultural Health.

These are in sets of three. So if you play 5 sins, you only lose 1 Cultural Health.

Some pretty dynamics are sure to arise with these cards in play.



Action - This is a total of ONE card counted that you have played.

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