Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tabletop Simulator

Empires and Generals is finally going MMO.

You can buy Tabletop Simulator on Steam. It's half price right now!

So! One of the main reasons that I went and fixed Roman Republics Files today was to add them to Tabletop Simulator today for a fully working Empires and Generals Online experience.

I will be tweaking decks as time goes on so that all may be able to play Empires and Generals online.

It's a pretty fun way to play. Soon I will be doing more decks, but there is that whole time thing I have working against me.

So I am hiring YOU to make decks. I followed this guide with some great success.

Here is the template he made you can download:

And here is Rome, if you want to fiddle around with it.

and this is what i used for the back

I will be using my imgr site for the uploads I think:

Here is the finished product of Rome, if you wanted to host it yourself. Please do!

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