Friday, November 18, 2011

new decks to be released

the two next decks will be:

classical greece
   hercules, theseus, pericles, etc...

   xerxes, cyrus, etc...

and two more i haven't made up my mind about yet. maybe hittite,  maurya or phonecian (including carthage)

i do know, however, that the decks i will build after that will be:

the mesopotamians. yay!

including babylon, assyria, summeria (and akkadia) as well as the hebrews.

most people don't throw the hebrews in that mix but i always like to have an empire that changes it up a bit. it was either the hebrews or phyrgia.

kievian-rus empire added to future deck build plan. but i have to get way into the future for that to happen.

so far i am still BCE. i think the youngest dude in any of the decks would be julius caeser or spartacus from the roman republic.

i have a LOT planned for the future.

for example: medjay, choctaw, texas, kingdom of antioch, mali, carib, seljuq, franks, timurid, maya, and the ottomans. hehe. this is just a shotgun smattering. i have planned around 120 decks so far.


please visit the artist area in the forums to let us know about your cool art that you would like to have put on the cards, so that EVERYONE can play with them... with YOUR name as the artist!

i can only pay you in fame, bragging rights and ultra-rare cards at the moment, but what are you waiting for!?!?

ok that's it for now! have a great weekend!


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