Sunday, November 13, 2011


worked several hours on the video projects. you will enjoy them as i have placed my own music under the game. good stuff and pretty well recieved by the preview audience (me and my cat).

the videos should clear up any misunderstandings that you might have in gameplay.


fixed top links on 4 empires top so you don't have to use browser nav buttons.

working on an incentive programme: post an ad for empires and generals in your facebook and i will email you a unique card... details coming soon about that.

also... thinking of the "philosophy" cards that i had made previously and never released with the family edition. instead of a "strategy" card, you can use a "philosophy" card to do an asundied number of things.

the next project i will be working on is adding our first artist to the mix. francis hilow has drawn a great number of soldier and general cards for us, for trade. his style is quite unique and i will be looking for a LOT of variety in the art...

...on that same note, i will be releasing blank cards for you to doodle in... well as the full color decks.

all this and MORE

coming soon to an empire near you.

have a great monday!


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