Friday, December 28, 2012

Website updates!

I know many of you have written to me asking me to fix the donate button...

Oh wait...

ONE of you wrote to me and asked me when I would have the chance to get the donate button working. It works now! Yeha! Thanks to my website provider for fixing the HTML5 issue with that.


It sure would be nice to get a Christmas present from my loyal fans.


Well the website is up and going in its new fashion. I understand Chrome should have fixed their HTML5 code that allowed you to right click and save JPG instead of HTM files and so I just gave up on them and went thru Blogger to host all of the files. It sure would have been neat to have it ALL ON ONE SITE but no, I am not a code monkey and did not know how to fix it.

Hopefully navigation will be a little easier for you.

I did some researching on what a great website needs and what all I offer and how to arrange it, and the skeleton looks good right now and will continue to develop. The For Sale area is next and then the Links area.

Also I would like to add a lot of pictures to the printing area.

Pretty sleepy at the moment so I won't do that.


I've been working on a novel also and sad to say I am only on chapter six... but my wife enjoys reading it. Her eyes bugged out when she ended chapter five. I like writing good fiction and that reaction was the best response I had gotten from her on anything I have done to date, except maybe a painting or two.

Ah painting. I miss you.

But back to writing...

I finished up poem 1500 and started writing poem 1501 yesterday. THAT was a GOOOOOD feeling. I posted some stuff on my facebook page

At any rate...

Pretty tired. Going to take a 4 hour nap and get back to work. I think I might try to bang out some more sense into the "Special Edition"... It seems pretty religious to me and that was kind of the intent, but there are a couple of cards I should move to the unaffiliated.

Oh yeah, I was going to brush up the rules too.


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