Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Introducing Elephants!

You are going to have a lot of fun figuring things out with these guys.

There is a couple of things that you should know about elephants!

1) The cost is pretty high. Instead of the basic 1/3 rule on total life+strength, I went ahead and made it 1/2 the total.

2) They are a dime a dozen. Each card released today is a common card. That means that you may have five of each card in your draw pile.

3) Each Elephant has two sub-categories. So, anything affecting an animal, affects an elephant.

4) Elephants are NOT mounts. Mounts is another sub-category.

5) They need training! Without a Mahout (an elephant trainer) you can pretty much do nothing with them except hide behind them. Here are some finer points:

     A) When they are attacked in the Warcamp without a Mahout, their counter attack is 1/2
           of their Strength (rounded down)... So the Armor Plated Bull instead of being a 13, would be a 6.
     B) They cannot leave the Warcamp without a Mahout in the Warcamp
     C) When there is an Elephant in play, Mahouts are always free to play
     D) You may band a Mahout to an Elephant, but once he leaves into the Battlefield, there is no
           longer a Mahout in the Warcamp for your other Elephants.

6) Resources needed are:
     A) Maurya Empire - Indian Rice
     B) Achaemenid Persia - Daric
     C) Phoenician Carthage - Mediterranean Agriculture

7) Remember, you can always trade silver for these resources.

8) Two new abilities have been introduced: Stomp and Ram. See the cards for more details.

9) I have updated the Glossary on: Elephant, Mahout, Animal, Stomp, Ram, and Absorb and Helper Icon.


Maurya Empire!


Achaemenid Persia!


Phoenician Carthage!

There are more elephant things, ideas and cards to come! 


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