Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rare Prowlers's Seal of Questing

recently I have begun playing a facebook game called game of thrones ascent.

it's pretty neat but every now and again they throw something bogus in it because they run out of words maybe? i don't know...

it's a game that is based on a t.v. show that is based on a book so they really have no excuse to come up with crappy names for items that i win.

recently i won the "Rare Prowlers's Seal of Questing"... and i looked at my wife and i said: "what the heck is a rare prowlers's seal of questing? can i eat it or can i sew it on my sleeve?"

i mean it's a seal so that tells me in the game that i can use it as a stamp when i make a wax blob over my parchment... but i kinda already own four of those plus my personal seal...

won't people become confused with who i am if i keep sealing things with different stamps?

the makers of this game...



i promise i will never do something this stupid.

if i do... TELL ME and i will change it.

you can always email me at and let me know how i'm doing.


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