Friday, August 1, 2014

Mega Rare vs. Ultra Rare vs. Gigantopithecus

Mega Rare shares the idea with Rare and Ultra Rare, except that you may only play the card once per day.

On the Prehistoric Beast cards (just released) you will see a "Convention" exception, where if you are at a "CON" (Also called Geek Conventions) like Gen Con, Comic-Con, Dragoncon, Bliz Con, PAX Prime, even tiny ones like Air Capital Comics Con, then you may play it once per day... Per day that the convention is going on. That's from midnight to midnight on the DAYS PRINTED ON THE FLYER... For those of you who need to have it spelled out.

It usually will have "MEGA RARE" in the effects, unless my wife convinces me to take it out.

Take for example Pyrrhus, we see that he is an Ultra Rare card. Ultra Rares can be played once per GAME. That's ONCE.

So, if Sam's mom would let him come over, and we were playing, and we both had Pyrrhus in our decks and both drew them on our first turn and he was able to play his before I played mine, I would have no choice but to just Discard him on Resolve Phase because he could not enter the game again So, let's say that Sam slaughtered me in a Quick Game, and then we played another game. This time, AGAIN, we both draw Pyrrhus but this time I was able to play it... So, now HE can't play HIS card THIS GAME.

Get it? A Totally Different game!

Alright, now, again, let's look at Mega Rare. If Sam came over (again, it all depends on his mom... I keep asking her but she is being pretty spiteful) and we both had Arctodus and we both had him and Sam played him first, then POW! Arctodus can't be played for the REST OF THE DAY UNTIL MIDNIGHT (or, if midnight confuses you - 12:01 AM, and the minute before that). But let's just say that we are hanging out at Air Capital Comics in Wichita Kansas and it's November 16th, and we are at Denny's by the airport and it is 1:00 AM. Well, since Air Capital Comics Con is on November 16th, but it IS NOT at Denny's, you would have to drive over to 7001 w 21st st and play there. Just hope the lazy policemen that hang out in the Jason's Deli parking lot don't ask you any questions. It just may be safer to wait til the doors open.

"Owner may play this card once per game if owner is at a convention."

What kind of convention? I will leave that for you to hash out with your fellow gamers, but I intend that it is at a geeky convention, Anime, Comics, Star Trek, Toys, that kind of thing.

Have fun!


P.S. Gigantopithecus is awesome.

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