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Q - Can I make a deck with more than one type of empire?
A - Yes. Your only limit will be which resources you are using.

Q - So, all tactic cards only last one turn? Are they discarded at your resolve phase or the draw phase of the next turn?
A - This happen instantly, if it has an ability that is longer lasting then it sits around in the battlefield until the ability is over, or, it is "attached" to the card it is affecting. They are discarded once used.

Q - "Ultra Rare: Only one total in either of your decks, and when an Ultra Rare card comes into play during a game, that card (by exact reference number match) may not be played during the remainder of the game by anyone." Does that mean we can ONLY have one ultra rare, (or does it mean we can only have one of each ultra-rare?) and if we use it no one else can use the same card if they have it?
A - If I have "Judo move of Meng-po" as a Ultra-Rare Tactics Card in my deck, and so do the other three opponents that I am playing during a four person game, and we each draw it during the first initial 7 card draw. And on turn one, I play it... the other three people cannot use it during this game.
You may have one of each ultra rare card in your decks. You can and you should have all the ultra rares that you need to win with your playing style and setup and you think that the other players might not use

Q - If I have a 4/8 unit, my opponent has a 7/7 unit, this ends in a double block. Do the units "lose" life and end up with 4/1 - 7/3?
A - At the end of the day, the 4/8 unit and the 7/3 unit are still alive and unscathed and stays where they are. the trick is to not have to keep count with pencil and paper. they can "catch their breath" or "apply bandages" and be ok next turn. this was one of the real life things i had to nerf in order to feed game mechanics.

Q - My warcamp gets attacked and my unit dies, I lose one cultural point, does this Cultural Health go to the life of the attacker?
A - ok so you've lost a point in your warcamp. this affects YOU only. Just move the card down one Cultural Health. The soldiers don't suffer.

Q - How does Encamp work with Fortresses?
A - For each card inside the fortress, add one strength.

Q - Can I Unencamp like I Unband?
A - Yes. Treat fortresses as warcamps. move around wherever you want in army phase.

Q - If we use an instant effect tactic card, can it get discarded and get to use another one in the same turn? can we discard cards from our hand directly into our pile if we find them useless? what about discarding kingdom/soldiers already in play?
A - you can play ten tactics cards in a turn as far as i'm concerned. a hundred if you can pull it off legally. whatever tactics card is played - BOOM! it happens. if you lay another on top of that one, then the NEW card is trumping the old card.... and so on.

Q - discarding cards happens during resolve phase. i think i should spell that out in the rules more. yes you can discard your whole hand if you want to.
A - discarding stuff from the field of play happens in each phase. you can discard your supply line during harvest phase (why God why?), you can discard your strategy and kingdom during kingdom phase and you can discard your warcamp and battlefield during army phase.

Q - The Julian Calendar ultra-rare, it makes it your turn immediately, however, how can I toggle it when it's not my turn? Can I halt an opponent's turn when he hasn't finished? Does the rotation resume clockwise or it continues on where I broke it?
A - I tend to play this card right before someone i want to lose is getting ready to play. that is why it is ultra rare. It's like the evil Skip-Bo card. Remember...YOU CAN PLAY TACTICS CARDS WHENEVER THE HECK YOU FEEL LIKE. when it is a three man game with me, David and AJ sometimes i will just long range barrage David when he is walking over to attack AJ cause i feel like it. it's the coolest part about tactics cards. you can interrupt someone when it's not your turn.

Q - So, the only way to gain cultural points is by using cards' abilities?
A - Gaining cultural health is some abilities, some effects, some cards, there are many ways.

Q - What about banding hun warriors? If I got 4 5/5 huns, does it become a 9/5 or 20/20 unit?
A - 20/20 Unit comprised of four Soldiers.

Q - What does "Sacrifice" mean
A - To discard the card

Q - What are the goofy symbols at the top
A - There are two. The upside down triangle thing means that the card has "Leadership" and acts as a General, the other one inside the picture means "Trump" in Gujarati. It means that this card wins in any outcome regardless of any Tactics or Abilities that happen later. Trumps are trumped by Acts of God cards only.

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