Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kung Fury Cards Unit List

Here is the list of cards created so far. There will be more to come, but I will be working on Kingdom, Tactics, Strategy, Equipment and Mounts next. I believe I'm somewhere around halfway done.


Thor            x
Kung Fury x
Chief x
David Hasslehoff x

Hitler x
Red Ninja          x
Space Unicorn Arcade Game x
Lazor Invader Arcade Game x


Barbarianna x
Hackerman x
Katana x
Triceracop x
Dragon x
Tyranasaur x
Cobra x
Fallout Barbarianna x
Street cop         x
Fat Cop x
Radio cop         x

Nazi Phoenix x
Laser Raptor x
2 Laser Raptors x
3 Laser Raptors x
Epic Laser Raptor x
Nazi Kung Fu Legs x
Nazi Robotologist x
Nazi Scientist x
Nazi Kung Fu Chick x
Colonel Reichstache x
Private Lahmstache x
Nazi Flamethrower x

Street Thug x
Arcade Dudes x
Bombox Dude x
Epic Jet Ski Cobras x
Boombox Girl x
Guy with Telephone x
Hockey Gang x


Hackerbot Alpha x
Hackerbot Beta x
Kung Fuhr x

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