Tuesday, July 12, 2016

E&G Hardback - Mars

***This is an edit of the original post.***

The goal of Empires and Generals Hardback is to capture the relish and zest that is fine fiction literature in a way that no large corporation does. From Alice in Wonderland to Zorro. From Beowolf to the Wizard of Oz, nothing will be taboo, not Dante's Inferno and not the Barsoom series.

What will be taboo however, is changing the original work to bastardize it. Mister Walt Disney was so famous for doing this and it drove me nuts to see many of Mother Goose, Grimm and Aesop's stories destroyed by that man. You want Peter Pan or Edgar Allan Poe the way it was written? That's what you'll get.

Here is a brief taste of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his incredible tales of Barsoom, made famous from the 2012 Disney release of John Carter. This, at least, Disney kept pretty much on track.

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