Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27/12 continues to blow me away. they are awetastic.

special thanks to all the people who have written me emails. especially that guy that took the time to bash me personally. that was awesome. too much flattery and my head might explode. thanks for keeping me humble. i hope you have a great day.

changed out the download buttons from printable pdf's to .rar files so you can just OWN EVERYTHING without the pdf crisis.

i use sumatra pdf viewer after all. great program. i was using open office draw to create them but in the end, .rars and .zips are way more better.

a special thank you also to those who want to collaborate with me on projects.

what i have right now, you see links to.

if you create a better forum or wiki i will just use yours.

the fans are the best part of any show anyway.

100,000 unique page views with 10% sustainability in viewing. so, there are 10,000 of you that are my newest friends. it is you who will carry this torch.

i will continue to make the next deck: ancient greece, and it will be more better and more awesomer. you will like it.

more blog posts to follow.

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