Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here is a brief section devoted to what people are saying about Empires and Generals.

And it all starts with the pirate bay starting the promo bay and me submitting an ad to it that i made on bitstrips.com



This sounds awesome. And it's pretty unique in the big pile of 3000 promo requests we've gotten.
So we're gonna promote you worldwide 26-28 may.

I'd suggest that you write a small presentation post of the whole thing by then. At the top of your site so that all the hundreds of thousands of viewers will understand what it's about.

Any questions?



And that was the start of a convo that lasted until today. They loved the idea of the card with their name on it, loved the originality


Lol that's awesome!

Looking forward to promote this.
Perhaps you could make a short youtube video with just you presenting
the game, yourself and talking about the promotion?
That would fit great at top of the site and would help people who
arrive to understand what it's about.
So far we've had like 9 musicians, 1 author and 1 short film so your
game really is unique!

A video is also an opportunity for people to discuss the whole thing
and a great way to measure how many people that actually visits.



And so it went. The ad was a huge success and brought in almost 40,000 unique people to view the site. THANK YOU PIRATE BAY!

Many other people have written me. One brought me to tears.


I saw the ad on TPB, and me and my friends decided to give the game you created a try. One word, holy freaking hell, this game is the most real game I have ever tried! Like, every little detail comes to life, sometimes It feels like actual war. You have no idea what this game has done for me. I suffered with depression for a year straight, yet with your game it was like, life's little challenges, and it was emulated with real tactics, and real scenarios, with real (real as in ones where EVERYTHING is a factor), this game, it made me realize that I'm a smart guy, I can accomplish great things, since I have the brain to employ real-life tactics and strategies and win over my enemies. You have done a greater service than you know, I can never express my gratitude enough! Thank you again for this wonderful gift, I have, and will continue sharing, and playing this game :)


There were many others, including several from Brazil. Lucas and Gabe are heading up a team that will be translating the game into Brazilian Portuguese. THAT'S AWESOME!

I hope that you enjoy playing the game as much as I have been working on it for these last two years.

Look forward to blowing your mind some more with Ancient Greece! WOOT WOOT!

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