Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rules Change

changed attack phase in the rules to read:

1) You must have a General to place a unit in Battlefield.

also on resources/harvest phase, changed it to read:

1) Play any resource cards that you may have, placing them in the Resource Area

2) EFFECT - When a resource sits in your Supply Line it acts as a
continuous resource that you may harvest every Harvest Phase. The
Effect may read: "Gain one stone". This is what you are adding to your
"cash pool" every turn. If your total for that Harvest Phase is 8
Stone, 3 Water, having a total of 11, then you may spend those
resources that turn. You may spend the common 11 points or selected
points that are equal or less than 8 Stone and 3 Water.

3) ABILITY - During your Harvest Phase you may also choose to use the
ability associated with the Resource Card. Usually this causes you to
discard the card to gain more resources. If you have Liaoning Mine
that has a continuous harvest of 1 Stone and need to discard it for
the extra Stone that turn, then you gain 3 Stone for that card on that
Harvest Phase. The card that has the ability used is discarded that
Harvest Phase.

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