Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ancient Greece Soldiers (2 of 2) Athens Naval

Introducing the Ancient Greece Soldier, Athens Subgroup, Naval Subgroup

You have probably been here long enough to figure out what the "Athens" part stands for, but just in case you are new around here... The Athens part is a subgroup of a card. If you come across another card that does damage to "Athens Soldiers" then this would be damaging the three cards below it, but not Neodamode... Since he is a "Sparta Soldier"...

But on to the biggest Change:

I have changed the Glossary to reflect the full realization of the new card subgroup:


The glossary now reads:

Naval - A Subgroup of Soldier Card. Naval Cards are played to the right of the regular Warcamp and Battlefield. Naval Units may not be attacked unless it is by another Naval Unit or Ranged. The Areas to the right of the Battlefield when Naval Units are in Play are called the Dock and the Sea. 

***Note on Ranged Attacks and Naval Soldiers***

The Non-Naval Ranged Unit must be in the Battlefield to Range Attack Naval Units At Sea. The Ranged Naval Unit may only Ranged Attack the Battlefield.

***Note on Encampment (Encamping)***

When your Naval Unit is at Sea, it may not be encamped, unless you have another Naval Unit in the Sea with Soldiers in it, and they are allowed to move ships (Encamp from one Naval Soldier to another).

***Note on Connectivity***

The Battlefield connects to your Warcamp. Your Warcamp connects to your Dock, and often is treated as the same area. Your Dock connects to your "Sea". Your Battlefield DOES NOT connect to the Sea. When a Naval Card is in the "Battlefield" it is considered "In the Sea" or "At Sea". When a Naval Card is in the "Warcamp" it is considered "Docked" and may be "Encamped" by Soldiers. 

also added is:

Dock - The Dock is the Warcamp for Naval Units. When Naval Cards are in play by you, The area to the right of the Warcamp becomes the Dock. Units here are treated as freshly built Units (if ships), that are played from the Hand to the Dock before setting off to Sea.

The Sea definition remains unchanged:

Sea - Sea is a type of the Battlefield. Units in the Sea cannot usually go into the Battlefield with all the other cards. If a unit with Sea attacks another Units with Sea, they are considered in a "Sea" Battlefield by themselves. If a Unit from Battlefield attacks another unit with Sea or vise versa, these are to be treated as ranged attacks.

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