Monday, November 25, 2013

the problem of growth

so, i'm sitting here with billy the kid almost done... wondering what "country" to give him. and that got me researching.


the formation of the decks is the "empires and generals: age of revolution" (1750-1873) [which basically covers the first and second industrial revolution and comes to an abrupt stop with the invention of the first automobile] is coming along.

one of the issues that i am facing in the creation is the overlap of natives to invaders to the countries created by these invaders... especially specifically in north america.

north america... for those of you who missed it... just to give an elementary recap here is what happened:
asians walked over from kamchatka, settled down, had fun for a couple of thousand years, white people moved in and either killed them or raped them, stole their land, and told them basically to fuck off.


i already have many of the factors in this debacle worked out. apache, blackfoot... etc... and that's fine. the continents of north and south are covered from 6000 bc up until the beginnings of the spread of the pale-face and now i am working out the invaders and their children and have five basic categories:

The Invaders:

Kingdom of England
French Republic
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Portugal

New Worlders:

Viceroyalty of New Spain
Colony of Louisiana
United States of America
Ruperts Land

The Fighters:

Republic of Texas
Confederate States of America

Wild West:

The Pioneers
Cowboys and Outlaws
Western Lawmen

The Americas Expansion:

Unaffiliated America

And it's coming along like that. there may be some changes, but it's ok for now.

But what about the State of Franklin?
Colony of Transylvania?
Jefferson Territory?

It's a work in progress. Who knows? If you have any thoughts on it, you should totally write me at hopefully i will finish billy tomorrow and file him under "cowboys and outlaws".

Here is a cool .gif of Spain!
(from HERE)


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