Friday, December 6, 2013

Fixing maps

still fiddling with

on the right side...

moved the USA colonialists over to the age of discovery and am going to have the USA on its own standing in the new world expansion.

i plan to have most of the regions colonized around the world represented but this epoch in history is a cluster-mess and i haven't even gotten started on south east asia and australia... not to mention africa or india... sheesh.

a lot to do on it.

never fear, plenty of time.

i will probably develop a good working "old west" before any real work is done on... lets say: the development of djakarta by the dutch... it's just a little more fun to think about doc holiday and butch cassidy than it is... um... someone dutch in djakarta.

on the left side...

many of you know that i lost ten years worth of notes when james venters stole my car and sold it for crack cocaine in 2003. i have recently begun digging into my subconscious thru prayer and meditation and re-compiling much of what was lost.

BESIDES my new book: by the gates of the garden of eden, i am still planning on releasing an S.F. game of empires and generals that is completely my own work.

more of that to come later...

in the real world...

i need more time in my day.

i plan on changing my work schedule to reflect as soon as:

a) i move into my new house
b) the holidays are over
c) both

have a great Christ-mass. i may get some stuff done this week yet.

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