Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/1/11 the story concluded.

part three: and DOIT we did.

the games led to the infamous "alpha tests" which eventually led to the beta tests.

boy tim and david and aj had some patience with me.

they would come over one week and play and we would make changes and then the next time we played i would have completely rewritten the cards. lol. poor guys.

oh well, the joys of being a tester.

but they hung in there.

we ate little ceasers pizza. of course. little pharoahs had gone out of business (rimshot)...

and we talked about how all the cards needed THIS, or how you should never be able to do THAT... that type of thing.

so after a long while i made these changes, got my buddy francis hillow to make us a bunch of artwork and then we just kept working along until most of the kinks were fed out as chum to the sea-wolves of dissidence.

we got some artwork from a local fellow and moved some items on the card around until it is mainly what you have today.

i thought about patents but rejected that idea... even though i could easily get four of them. i think that just MAKING the game was what was the most fun thing. i didn't want to KILL my investors with the $10,000 that we might have spent getting patents.

so in the end we just copyrighted the whole mess and trademarked the name and the logo and then set out what we were born to do.


and here we are.

tomorrow my wife plans to throw me my fortieth birthday party and i plan on releasing my game into the great wild of the public.

i know that my game will be a success. it's gonna happen. i only hope that her pineapple upside-down cake lands on all the right plates.

-pauly b hart... right from the start.

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