Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/1/11 - the story cont...

part two: was the word, and the word was DOIT.

here i am with a bunch of cool ideas but not one whit of idea on how to tie it all together.

i have lots of info and intel but no way to work it.

so i strive.

attack. defense. abilities. effects. these were obvious. points. health. artwork. rarity... etc... all had been borrowed/absorbed from every CCG/TCG i had ever seen and played in my entire life.

granted CCG's are not that old. magic the gathering, pokemon, yu-gi-oh, redemption, legend of five rings, warlord, netrunner, 7th sea... as well as some new digital ones online: elements the game, urban rivals, alteil have all been getting a lot of work recently. these games are exciting and wonderful and you should at least go check out some of the ones that are online.

if you like chess: elements the game, if you like checkers: urban rivals.

but i digress.

i wanted to make my game NOT fantasy based... NOT sci-fi based... NOT for entertainment purposes only. i wanted people to learn something. to KNOW something that they didn't know before. i experienced the joy of that... why shouldn't others?

so i stuck with the four i chose and i made the cards and got my lovely wife, jennifer to play-test with me.

and it was awful. more like an advanced game of dice. so i refined. took out several elements and added others...

and it was still awful.

i kept working until one day i believed that we had come across something that might look like fun.

so i called my brother, tim hart and my buddy, david pesta and got them involved.

and eventually called my buddy andrew johnson as well as a couple of other people. and we played and played and they beat me everytime.

things were fun.

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