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10/1/11 - an example of play

Example of play

One day Jennifer and Pauly set down to play a tutorial game. Here are the first several turns in the game.

Jennifer Vs. Pauly

The setup

Jennifer and Pauly sit down and decide to play a game of Empires and Generals.

This ought to be fun.

Jennifer has opened The Huns deck and Pauly chooses the Roman Republic.

They don't have much time tonight so they decide on a quick game.

The first one to score three points wins or the first one to lose three points loses.

This is pretty easy with just two players.

It gets happier with a big group. Lots of fun.

Ok, so they both shuffle and cut each others decks before they begin.

They set up their decks with a draw pile and a supply pile.

To begin, they both draw seven cards.

Jen draws six resource cards from the supply pile and one playing card from the draw pile.

Pauly draws five resource cards and two playing cards.

Pauly and Jen decide that Jen will go first because Pauly is a really cool guy and Jennifer threatened him with not cooking for him for a week. Oh. no that didn't happen.

Jen's first turn

Declaration of play

Jen declares that she will play this turn. She better. Skipping the first turn is kinda silly.

Draw Phase

Jen draws one card from any pile to begin her turn.

Jen drew a card from the draw pile.

Harvest Phase

Jen plays her resource cards. She has Caspian Sea, Gobi Desert, Outer Mongolia and Armenian Highlands.

This gives her two water, two food and two iron per turn if she decides to keep them in play.

These are the regular effects that the cards give per turn.

If she decided to discard a card, she would receive a resource bonus for that turn but would not be able to use it again. The card would be discarded and unusable in the future. That would kinda be dumb, so she keeps em for now.

Kingdom Phase

Jen has no Kingdom or Strategy Cards that she wants to play at this time. As a matter of fact, she doesn't have any at all. Poor Jen.

Army Phase

Jen can't afford to put anything down right now (or doesn't want to discard any resources to do so).

Attack Phase


Resolve Phase

She's all good. Nothing lost. Nothing gained. But it's still just the first turn.

Pauly's first turn

Declaration of play

Pauly declares that he will play this turn. Oh yeah. Bring it on!

Draw Phase

Pauly draws a resource card. Most defiantly.

Harvest Phase

Pauly plays Iberia, Mediterranean Sea and Mediterranean Hills.

Kingdom Phase

He skips the Kingdom Phase. No Kingdom cards or Strategy Cards.

Army Phase

Pauly plays Conscript into the Warcamp. The cost is two unaffiliated resources with a one strength and a three life.

Attack Phase

No attack this turn. No one may attack on the first turn, and besides, the Conscript can't enter the Battlefield or attack without a General anyway.

Resolve Phase

Pauly is done.

Jen's Second Turn

Declaration of play

Jen is gonna play!

Draw Phase

Jen draws Carpathian Mountains out of the Supply Deck and...

Harvest Phase

...plays it in her supply line on TOP of the other cards already played. This gives her 1 more food, water and iron. Mmm. Good card.

Jen also plays Abandoned village which states that she can gain four resources immediately this turn. Cool. She chooses to make these four resources Iron.

Kingdom Phase


Army Phase

...and plays Attila. Woah. Attila costs seven Iron to play and is a General with a ten strength and an eight life. She places him directly into the Battlefield.

Attack Phase

Jen attacks! Hi-Yaaaaaa!

She is attacking FROM the Battlefield TO the Warcamp. This means that Pauly can either choose to block with his conscript or just take the hit to his cultural health. Well, this isn't acceptable.

Pauly blocks with the Conscript. This is Attila with a 10/8 against the 1/3 of the Conscript. Attila attacks 10 against the Conscripts 3 and the Conscripts 1 is Block/Counter-attacking with a 1 against Attila with an 8. There is no way that the Conscript is going to win this one and NO way that he will do any damage to Attila.

There are arrows showing which way the attack goes. Attila shows the 10 with an arrow up and when you line up the cards, you see that the 3 of the conscript is opposite it.

Attila is able to kill the Conscript, but the Conscript is NOT able to kill Attila. The defending card is the loser. The block was unsuccessful. The unit dies. Attila has a successful attack.

Pauly then Discards the Conscript and takes a look at the Attack Resolution Card. It shows that under option three, Pauly loses a Cultural Health. Pauly takes his Cultural Health counter one space down.

He is at -1 while Jen is sitting pretty at 0.

It is a sad day in Rome while the Huns rejoice.

Resolve Phase

Jen is tired of humiliating Pauly and calls it a turn whilst Attila stays in the Battlefield mocking all my attempts at a happy day.
Pauly's second turn

Declaration of play

Pauly declares that he will play.

Draw Phase

Pauly draws from the draw pile. He draws a really cool card... but can't play it and...

Resolve Phase

Resolves his turn.

Jen's third turn

Declaration of play

Jen declares that she will play this turn. Hooray!

Draw Phase

Jen drew a card from the draw pile and gets a really good card.

Attack Phase

and attacks Pauly again with Attila.

Pauly has no tactics cards to counter and takes the hit. He is now at -2. One more point and he will be out.

Resolve Phase

The rest of the game...

And as Jennifer resolves her turn they go back and forth for several minutes until the tides turn and Pauly seems to be on top but then Jen smashes him and wins the game.

The game took around twelve turns each to play and was around 20 minutes long.

Quite fun actually.

They are glad they played, and, even though Pauly lost in the end, there was a good chance that later that day they would play again and the tables would be turned.

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