Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avery Index Card Sheet #5388

Hopefully I can make as many helpful hints and tips and shortcuts to helping YOU print YOUR OWN cards from home.

Using Avery Index Cards may help you do this.

They stack three per sheet and you can order them online HERE (#5388) to help you.

They have also included a template to organize your "cards". You can download it HERE (template).

It opens up as a Microsoft Word Document but it also opens up as an Open Office Document.

You can take your Microsoft Questions HERE (a blog article I mostly agree with)

If, after reading the above article, you still insist on using Microsoft as anything else other than your operating system, then you can go HERE (template) to set up your template download.

You can download Open Office for FREE HERE (

I hope Avery and Open Office can make you enjoy the game a little more.


  1. seemingly you can use Avery 5388, 5389, 5889, 8386

  2. I created a section in the forum for this.