Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blocking and Counter Attack

To make things abundantly clear, I have made the following addendum to the Glossary.

You can find the glossary here

Block - To block means that the possibility of presenting a card to stop the attacker is an option. The ability or effect of a card to not be blocked means that the attack goes directly to Cultural Health.

Block (and Counter/Counter Attack) - To block and counter means that a unit is presented and is blocking and counter attacking at the same time. This occurs when a unit is presented to block an attack after an attack has been declared by an opponent. Most cards when they block also Counter Attack. Blocking Ranged Units may be possible, but often, you can not Counter Attack a Ranged Unit unless it is with another Ranged Unit.

Counter (Counter Attack) - A Counter Attack means that when the Attacking Unit is presented as the Attacker, the Strength of the Defending card is directly affecting the Life of the Attacking Card. (The defending card has a Strength that Counter Attacks the Attackers Life).

Let's go over a couple of cards that this might affect.

Light Bowman (Ancient Egypt)
Triple Arcuballista

So, how do these cards work?

As you will see below, I have changed the text on both cards to read: "X may not be Counter Attacked".

This means that if I present Light Bowmen as an attacker, you may present a blocker, just like normal, but they cannot do Counter Attack Damage to the Light Bowmen.

The idea was to not introduce "Ranged" into version 1.0 and I side-stepped it with this.

Range is also found in the Glossary and it reads:

Ranged - Ranged is a Subgroup of card. Range means that the card can attack one area away. From owners Warcamp to Battlefield, or from Battlefield to Opponents Warcamp. Ranged is found in Version 1.1 and above but not in Version 1.0. Ranged Units may have certain Attack/Defence qualifications that other cards do not have. Read the individual card to see if anything is particular as to how battle is resolved.

If there was any confusion in the past, I apologize.

Again, Light Bowmen and Triple Arcuballista are not Ranged Cards, they simply have specific rules attributed to them when dealing with how blockers act towards them.

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