Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ramping up for TNT

funny thing. they call tokyo in tulsa TNT. not TIT. i think that's for the best.


going to be very excited to be a tokyo in tulsa this year demoing the game.

i am giving away some very special cards at the convention that will not be anywhere else so if you are in town, you can pick one up there.

also, i've created a backup CD that i will soon be releasing online AFTER tokyo in tulsa is over that will have all of the family edition, special edition, unaffiliated and the special TNT cards. also in them are the two cards that i have released to the people on the mailing list.

if you are not on the mailing list and do not own "the gamer" and "mancala magician" then it's not too late to get them.

you can sign up for the newsletter by putting "newsletter" in the subject line and "sign up" in the body text and send it to empiresandgenerals@gmail.com

again, i will be selling the backup CD online soon.

here is a little video that i made for the TNT CD

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