Saturday, July 21, 2012

con day 1

the con started like any other con.

volunteers there at the crack of dawn going over rules and regulations, followed by a get-together with the area heads.

after that was some set-up and prep and then we were released to come back a couple of hours later.

jennifer and i wandered around for a while looking at this or that.

they had an issue with my t-shirt so i was almost not admitted to certain areas.

once the con got going, things were swell.

people came and people went and we had some visitors but no one stayed to play.

on and on all day this went until near 8:00pm i had one player.

it was nice as he was also into game design.

as i packed up for the day, i realized that todays con goers are interested in flashy wonderful shiny things that they already know... like pokemon.

i may have been better off doing a demo at a local chess club.

that's ok.

i know i am but a small fish in a BIG pond and am competing with games out there that have flashy artwork and colored cards and cool packaging.

empires and generals may be a youngling in the CCG/TCG market, but it is virile and i am not daunted.


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